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  1. kingofthepines

    Jeep Jamboree 2016 – WOW! IT IS FINALLY COMING!!!!!

    For years local clubs acted as trail guides and babysitters. One of the oldest clubs, Iron in the Pines usually handles the masses. I'm sure they are aware of the MAPS brewhaha.
  2. kingofthepines

    Request for Evidence from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA)

    it is nearly impossible to engage in dialogue with those who have a messiah complex. I see a tried and true method of spouting lies long enough, loud enough and often enough to develop a following. My two cents.
  3. kingofthepines

    Man Goes Missing During Hunting Trip

    Don't those tanker overalls look they have a 50th armor SSI right were it would belong? Maybe an unplanned bivouac? Far from Dix but who knows...
  4. kingofthepines

    Quarter Mile Revisited

    The early word is no. The cleanup was always a quid pro quo.
  5. kingofthepines

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Some will argue that the 4x4 cleanup every october for the last 13 or so years has been very instrumental in keeping wharton from becoming a real eyesore. I just wonder if road closures will negatively affect the level of participation. Of course if the state can rustle up 4 or 500 volunteers...
  6. kingofthepines

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Haven't signs been tried in the past with less than desired results? I can't imagine that signs will remain up for very long.
  7. kingofthepines

    My First Rattle Snake

    that is amazing for a pine snake
  8. kingofthepines

    Bottle hunting reccomendations

    In the early years of the 4x4 cleanup the state provided the location of a very old bottle dump. It was too difficult to get to then and you may decide the same if you attempt it. Though walking out with a few bottles is a lot different than cleaning a large dump site. PM sent.
  9. kingofthepines


    Conibear 220 is alot smaller. That one is a 33o. No broken bones but they hurt..a lot
  10. kingofthepines

    Snake ID Help

    Northern Water snake. One of the few multiple strikers in North America. Considered agressive.
  11. kingofthepines

    Where is Calico Ridge?

    wasnt the ridge a man made berm to support the sluice fed via the pizza queen? Jeffs link does in fact show the pizza queen.
  12. kingofthepines

    Who am I?

    Boys Boys I see its a good thing I decided to stop by and see how everyone is behaving. Please play nice or the squints that run the dials here will close you guys down. But it has been somewhat entertaining with good points on both sides but believe me evil exists and laws can do nothing to...
  13. kingofthepines

    film still seeking new and old Pine Barrens stories

    I suppose in reference to your first three questions I can offer a happening that occurred way back in time, seems like one of my first memories of the pines and has had me going back from time to time until I recently arrived for the final reward. But that’s another story. It was Christmas Eve...
  14. kingofthepines

    sewell r/p club

    wow i was so alive when I first posted that. I dont even know that guy anymore.
  15. kingofthepines

    Here's a good laugh for ya....

    you mean like "Did you say this was found on state owned property meaning that if it was it belongs to the state? Hint Hint Better rephrase your add. Would you take a check? Of course no guarantees :)
  16. kingofthepines


    Thats not funny its cruel. I'm dying for some fresh Jersey corn.
  17. kingofthepines

    Bombing Range Road

    Sometimes mapmakers do this to see if others in the map making business are simply copying their work instead of doing their own homework. Maps are full of mistakes which arent really mistakes at all.
  18. kingofthepines

    Mannis Duck Pond

    Hay Rd north out of LF has been closed for at least 5 years.