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  1. MartGBC

    Deer fight?

    Mating most likely however this is very early for the rut.
  2. MartGBC

    Exploding Deer Population

    Why do you need a fence to grow cedars? It seems Mother Nature did a great job? She did not need a fence to keep the deer away. It seems she grew alot cedar trees. Yes I know a fence is put up after logging cedars so the seedlings can get a better chance to grow. One problem is that some of...
  3. MartGBC

    Sunrise at 1/4 Mile Road

    All that money does not just go to WMA. In the past it did but it goes into a general fund with all the other state money. Money is then bugeted out thru out the state.
  4. MartGBC

    Sunrise at 1/4 Mile Road

    How did the state stop the circus at the old Hidden Lakes pit off Rt. 72? Whatever they did worked because you longer have all those people back there going wild.
  5. MartGBC

    Sunrise at 1/4 Mile Road

    How did the state clear out the old Hidden Lakes pit off Rt. 72 years ago. That place was a circus every weekend but when the state purchased the property they stopped all that crazy stuff.
  6. MartGBC

    NASCAR coming to S Jersey

    Nascar Bruton Smith wanted to build a track years ago at the Atlantic City Racetrack but was blocked.
  7. MartGBC

    The Jemima Cyclone

    Damage The day after there was a tree blocking the road at Quaker Bridge. We had to take the road on the west side to Basto and there several trees down but passable going there. Chatsworth said they had a 10 min shower and that was it.
  8. MartGBC

    More Eco Terrorism?

    Trail Markers Back in 1980 my friends and I were having lunch during deer season. A ranger came along and said we were in an area that no motor vehicles were permited. We stated that there were no signs stating that and that we have never seen any. He then said that there were pink painted...
  9. MartGBC

    More Eco Terrorism?

    Location??? Where was this?
  10. MartGBC

    Hunt for scarce bobwhites may be off in New Jersey

    I wish the state would do a serious effort to bring back quail and grouse. What they do now at the WMAs is a joke and I am a hunter. I will not buy a stamp to hunt birds there. If they were serious they would have a program like they did with the turkeys. 2 of my biggest problems with Fish &...
  11. MartGBC

    After The Snow Is Gone

    How about a picnic at Godfrey's Bridge?
  12. MartGBC

    After The Snow Is Gone

    Here is Quaker Bridge
  13. MartGBC

    After The Snow Is Gone

    Most water I have seen in a long time. Went all over, from Pasadena to Atsion. Had to turn around a few times today. Better safe than sorry.
  14. MartGBC

    Is Hanson clearing the tracks?

    I think the train will eliminate the big trucks running down the road.
  15. MartGBC

    Information on Rt.72 Pig Works

    Thanks. My information comes my 89yo dad who has hunted around Chatsworth since he was a kid.
  16. MartGBC

    Information on Rt.72 Pig Works

    Does anybody have information on an area called the Pigs Works? It is located east of the RR bridge on Rt. 72. There are foundations and lots of broken dishes and clam shells at the location. I have heard it was a pigery and a speakeasy. I am told the dishes are from New York resturants. Can...
  17. MartGBC

    Bamber Hunting Lodge

    Is Marilyn Schmidt looking for photos for her book?
  18. MartGBC

    Beer (again)

    You pay $7.00 for Bud Light at a Phillies game. So $8.00 is not a bad price if you really like it.
  19. MartGBC

    Franklin Parker Preserve ?

    I believe you can use your NRA insurance if you are a NRA member.
  20. MartGBC

    Franklin Parker Preserve ?

    Eamil them for infromation. It costs 75$ and 1 day to help clean up. They will assign you an area to hunt. I may be wrong but ask them for the lastest info.