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  1. Pan

    "Newspaper articles" - 19 Oct 1969 NY Times article on "The Wild and Windswept Plains That Only The NJ 'Pineys' Know"

    ...that first brought the NJPB to my attention. But I am not allowed to post it on here.
  2. Pan

    Carranza Memorial Sep 1971 and 2012

    Carranza Memorial Sep 1971 and 2012
  3. Pan

    How I got strafed by a biplane in the Pine Barrens

    Here is how i got strafed by a biplane. It wasn't on this day but close to it - this is the 1970's and i was borrowing some cranberries - just a little bit! - from a cranberry bog in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. A cropduster saw me and strafed me with bug spray or whatever they use. I got...
  4. Pan

    Sunset in the Plains, NJPB, 22 Sep 1971

    Sunset in the Plains, NJPB, 22 Sep 1971
  5. Pan

    "Wild and windswept plains that only the Jersey 'Pineys' know"

    I read this almost fifty years ago, October 1969, and I was intrigued, and then i drove my VW down from Manhattan to see it for myself.
  6. Pan

    Godzilla sighting in the Pine Barrens!

    Godzilla overturned my VW back in the 1970's. I never reported it to the police because I thought they would think I was crazy. OK seriously I just thought of one thing I never reported to the police. I was driving way back in the Plains and I was surprised to see a guy with his thumb out...
  7. Pan

    1973: Tortoise in the NJPB

  8. Pan

    Night Sky Timelapse: “Huelux” by Randy Halverson

  9. Pan

    I found a few more Pine Barrens photos c.1970 or so

    I posted a bunch of them last year, and I just found a few more that I don't think I posted back then, though I'm not sure which is which, so maybe I posted one or two of these before, and maybe I didn't, and I probably have a few more that I haven't. Does that make sense? Note my extremely...
  10. Pan

    Thank you, Teegate!

    I'm here from the southwest conducting an inspection tour of the northeast, and today Guy aka Teagate and Jessica gave me a great tour of my wonderful old Pine Barren haunts. PS Guy is one awesome sand driver!
  11. Pan

    1960's NY Times travel article on the NJ Pine Barrens

    I think that John McPhee's book is great, but my original introduction to the Pine Barrens came by way of a fascinating NY Times travel article back in the 1960's, about those "windswept pines". That's what first got me to go down there and explore the place and fall in love with it. I thought...
  12. Pan

    What's the statute of limitations on swiping cranberries in NJ?