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  1. popeofthepines

    No entrance fees for FY2023

    So does anyone not like this idea? I get the idea to help the local economies and get more people interested in coming to these places in the future. But I am always under the impression these places are always looking for more cash and with the way the bathroom looks at Batsto, near the...
  2. popeofthepines

    Double Trouble getting trimmed.

    Anyone else see this on IG? Hopefully it works out for the species they are trying to assist.
  3. popeofthepines

    Things you find while driving around....

    My wife and I took a ride this past Saturday. We took a ride to Batsto and a loop around Bulltown. While on Bulltown, she noticed this in the tree. At first she thought it was deer until she realized what it actually was. I guess someone had some free time on their hands. Also found this...
  4. popeofthepines


    I saw these pics posted on another site but not here. It supposedly happened in the Medford area and a kid found them the hard way. Just a friendly reminder to keep on the look out for things like this and the people who are placing them in areas to cause harm to you, your kid(s) your pet or...
  5. popeofthepines

    Alien killed?

    This is an interesting article.
  6. popeofthepines

    Feb 2019 PLC Mtg In this document, you can read about how at this meeting there was a discussion of the damaged areas caused by ORV's. And I learned that there are 49 ponds that are recommended to be protected. The PPA helped...
  7. popeofthepines

    Did anyone see this article?

    Not a bad article. I did not see it posted anywhere else on here. Has anyone else heard about the volunteering for patrolling?
  8. popeofthepines


    I saw this on the OTNJ and the caption was that the Pope is against the MAP. I found it funny and thought I would share it here.
  9. popeofthepines

    A visit to Atsion Manor

    My friend Joe and I decided to take a ride in the Pine Barrens on Sunday. We first decided to take the tour of Atsion Mansion. We were very impressed with the way the tour was run as well as the informative tour guides. They said that each time they do the tour they are shown something new or...
  10. popeofthepines

    Calico Trip

    So my friend Joe and I decided to take a trip to see if we could find Calico like MarkPBNJ did. We decided to go in the first way that he tried. So we entered the woods near Harrisonville and proceeded towards Martha. At Martha we made a right onto Calico Road and followed it down for awhile...
  11. popeofthepines

    White Stakes?

    Hey all, While out riding this weekend and passing through Mount we found 2 stakes with what looked to be GPS coordinates on them. We came into Mount from Mount Jemimiah via Devious Mount Road. We continued on straight and proceeded to see more of these stakes along this road and then along...
  12. popeofthepines

    Primitive Tools Area 2

    Hey all, This past weekend we went out to a couple of area in the Pines and revisited the Primitive Tools Area. Upon this investigation I noticed a board on the ground behind the 2 trees that area the front 'entrance' to the area. The board had a metal ID tag attached to it that said...
  13. popeofthepines

    Primitive Tools Area

    Hi all, I was out on a casual ride with my buddy and we came upon this area. We had found it years ago but had forgotten about it until Sunday when we drove by the area. The area is on the trail that you would take from Washington towards Soy Pit. I cannot find the link for the website...
  14. popeofthepines

    Bucket feeders

    Has anyone scene bucket feeders in the Pine Barrens? I saw one last week. It was a 5 gallon bucket attached to a tree with pellets in it. Only about 4 feet from the ground. I figured these are for the deer but it is the first and only one i have seen.
  15. popeofthepines


    Years ago before I was a person who explored the Pines a friend told me that there was a waterfall out in the Pines and I have never found one. does anyone know of one out there?
  16. popeofthepines


    I know this subject matter is throughout the threads already posted but I dont think I have seen one concerning the number of trestles in the Pine Barrens. I have found somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 trestles including the one over rt 30 and rt 72. The railroad seems to have less...
  17. popeofthepines


    Just joined up today and am looking to find out more info about the pines. Lots of interesting pics and discussions about places so hopefully I can share my knowledge as well. Kevin:siren: