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    NJ to buy 1400 acres near Millville, Holly Farns.
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    Marilyn Schmidt

    Sad news, Marilyn Schmidt passed away last night. Author, publisher, lover of the Pinelands and owner of Buzby's general store and many more hats that she wore. She will be missed.
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    Blue Comet The 75th anniversary of the Blue Comet crash in the Chatsworth area
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    WILD OUTDOOR EXPO -New Jersey's residents will be offered a welcoming hand to the state's great outdoor venues and experiences at the Department of Environmental Protection's fourth annual New Jersey WILD Outdoor Expo, a celebration of the state's bountiful natural...
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    Pineland Heroes

    Ted Gordon and Jeanne Woodford being honored in the Pinelands Hall of Fame.
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    New Comet Discovered This is supposed to be very bright.
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    Fishing in Federal Waters

    Saltwater anglers still have an opportunity to fish in 2011 without paying $15 to sign up for the federal saltwater fishing registry — by signing up online before Jan. 1, 2011. The registration is good "for the next 365 days if you get online and sign up right now," said Jim Donofrio of the...
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    Easy Walk

    On Saturday, Marian and I walked along Barton Run in Marlton until we got to Christopher's Mill in Medford. Two miles with no chiggers and no ticks.
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    Body found in Chatsworth

    This morning, while driving home from Waretown, I couldn't make a left from Rt 72 on to Rt 532 heading to Chatsworth. The road was blocked with an ambulance. I went to Savoy Blvd and made my left to go to Chatsworth and continue on Rt 532 towards Tabernacle. On my travels I saw a channel 6 van...
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    Custard Stand

    The remains of a wooden building and a cinder block outhouse are located at the intersection of Rt 206 and Rt 532 in Tabernacle. The last time this stand was in operation was in 1970 by Ken and Dot Yates of Tabernacle. It appeared that it was in operation in the 1960s but I can't prove that. If...
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    Before and after

    Merchantville RR Station in 1905. Merchantville RR Station in 2009. Growing up in this town we always had to cross the tracks. The town was split in half by the RR so thoses who lived on the other side of the tracks were at the same social and economic standard as anyone else in town...
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    News Release

    Dear Pinelands Enthusiast: Enclosed is a link to press releases that the New Jersey Pinelands Commission issued earlier today: Pinelands Commission to help municipalities with costs to implement clustering rules: Pinelands Commission approves new rules regarding forest management...
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    Cloverdale Farm

    Cloverdale Farm This farm is located on West Bay Ave in Barnegat. After leaving Rt 72 East, turn left on West Bay, not too far before the GS Parkway is a dirt road on your right and this leads to Cloverdale Farm. The Ocean County Natural Land Trust purchased this farm about six years ago...
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    Press Release

    Press Release from the Pinelands Commission.
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    News alert

    Attention Pinelands News Please find the enclosed link to a Pinelands Commission press release that was issued earlier today:
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    Star Party

    There is a Star party at Atsion field on Saturday, October 10, 2009 beginning at 6:30 PM until 10:00 PM. Bring your telescope, binoculars etc. The folks that go to these parties allow others to view through their scopes. All are welcome. Also on Friday, October 9th, a satellite will impact the...
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    On Friday, my wife and I took a short cruise on Barnegat Bay. When we returned to the dock we were greeted by two adult swans and four cygnets. It is always a pleasure to see such a peaceful site. It appeared that the swans were looking for a handout. We will most likely see these swans for the...
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    Explore near the shore

    :beerspill: Wednesday was a day where I wanted to do some offshore fishing outside of the Barnegat Inlet. My boat was full of gas and I had the beer and bait ready to go. As things would have it my friends were busy and my Waretown neighbors weren't available either. The next best thing at this...
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    More illegal dumping

    :argh: On Tuesday I went to an area of the Pines that I haven't been to in eight months. Sad to say that there was a load of construction material off the road. This is on Rt 532 between Rt 563 and Rt 72 and on a road about two thirds of the way to Rt 72 from Chatsworth and about 1500 feet in on...
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    Medford Lakes Canoe is MIA

    :siren: The Medford Lakes Canoe is not there, it is gone. This canoe, that MarkBNJ gave us a picture of, in now MIA. This relic of the 1000 year flood in not with us anymore. I went past this site on Friday, April 10, 2009, at 2:00 PM and it was lying on the ground, I was on Lenape Trail the...