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  1. GermanG

    Last Doolittle Raider

    I was just reading a Time magazine that's been sitting in the junk mail pile for a few days and came across a short article noting the passing on April 9 of Richard E. Cole, age 103, co-pilot of Jimmy Doolittle and last surviving member of the raid. What is tragic isn't the unsurprising passing...
  2. GermanG

    Climate change indicators in the Pine Barrens
  3. GermanG

    rare bird sighting

    There is currently a White-winged Dove at the nature center feeders at Wells Mills County Park in Waretown. Can't say how long he will stay. Get him while he's hot!
  4. GermanG

    Batsto Lime Kiln

    I was just reading a copy of the Batsto Citizens Gazette from Summer, 1971 and there is an article describing an excavation of a lime kiln along the eastern shore of the millpond. I've never heard of this relic before. Has anyone here seen any evidence or remains of it?
  5. GermanG

    Wells Mills Trails Open

    The trail system at Wells Mills County Park has been closed since the storn due to the large number of hazardous trees on the trails. The trails have been cleared and are open to the public again. The children's playground is the only section closed until the harzards surrounding it can be removed.
  6. GermanG

    Pine Barrens Jamboree

    Tomorrow (10/13) at Wells Mills County Park, Rt 532, Waretown. Live music all day provided by Albert Hall, environmental organizations and various vendors, antique tractors and engines, tree climbing demos, railroad history presentations and food (courtsey of Lucille's Country cooking, among...
  7. GermanG

    Kindle users?

    Anyone use a kindle, or similar reader? I still prefer sitting back in my Archie Bunker chair with a real book, with my flatulent labrador snoozing beside me, but my wife wants one and the little online reseach I did indicates more choices than I was aware of. Just wondering if anyone favors a...
  8. GermanG

    Wells Mills Closed 3/10

    Wells Mills County Park will be closed in order to conduct prescribed burning on Saturday, March 10, weather conditions permitting. Call the park office at 609-971-3085 on that day to confirm its status prior to visiting.
  9. GermanG

    Where's the P?

    I stopped by Atsion today while passing through the area and walked around the mansion for a bit. Most of my past visits were back when it was fenced in and I never got a look at it up close. One thing I looked for was the famed “P” that was supposed to be imprinted on each of the iron porch...
  10. GermanG

    Cranberry Festival

    Anyone else go? I got dragged there, kicking and screaming. I haven’t attended in about ten years, and the reason I stopped going has not seemed to change. The only worthwhile purchase was a book from Marilyn. With the exception of a half dozen vendors, most of everything outside was generic...
  11. GermanG

    Ridley Field?

    Does anyone have any details regarding Ridley Field, in the Forked River Mountain tract? I have heard about it from a few sources in the past and have always neglected learning more about a site located so close to me. I recently came across an account written by Elizabeth Morgan, as told to her...
  12. GermanG

    Take a break from the Pines!

    I normally do not publicize the Ocean County Park programs here, mostly due to the number we run, not to mention this one not being Pine Barrens related (sorry Ben!) but we have a nice hike this Sunday (Nov. 7) that is still not filled up and the thread in the Photographers Forum on the Water...
  13. GermanG

    16th Annual Pine Barrens Jamboree

    This Saturday, Oct. 9th, at Wells Mills County Park on Rt 532 in Waretown. Come and listen to the music, courtesy of the Pinelands Cultural Society, have some good food (Lucille's will be there, among others!) and visit the vendors and exhibitors. There will also be a demonstrating sawmill...
  14. GermanG

    Atlantic Brick Manufacturing Company

    I had reason to drive by the site of the Atlantic Brick Manufacturing Co., in Mays Landing today and noticed the large stacks from the brickworks were gone. I pulled into the adjacent commercial lot and explored the site and found fresh equipment tracks on the newly graded site and nothing but...
  15. GermanG

    Decoy Show

    The Ocean County Decoy & Gunning Show will be held this weekend (Sept 26 & 27) at Tip Seaman County Park in Tuckerton. Even if you are not a waterfowler or decoy collector, there will other outdoor equipment you might be interested in being sold by vendors. There are also two new kayak vendors...
  16. GermanG

    Stafford Forge Target Range Clean-up

    On Sunday, March 15, from 9:00am-Noon, there will be a volunteer clean-up of the public target range within Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area, on Route 539. While many users of this range clean up their targets, empty shell cases, and ammo boxes when done, many obviously do not. This is an...
  17. GermanG

    Broken glass on graves

    I was just asked about the pine barrens tradition of decorating graves with broken glass. I didn’t really have any more information other than the fact that it was occasionally done. I assumed it was just cheap decoration without any deeper meaning. Is anyone else familiar with this tradition or...
  18. GermanG

    Interesting Foundations at Estell Manor Park

    I've explored the various ruins of the Bethlehem Loading Company several times in the past but found something new the other day and I was wondering if anyone on the forum could shed light on it. Along the dirt road that turns to the north from the end of Artesian Well Rd., there are what appear...
  19. GermanG

    South Toms River CNJ Station Destroyed

    A friend just informed me that the station is gone. The structure had deteriorated greatly in the last few years, and it may not have even been financially reasonable to restore it, but as a railroad history enthusiast, I was still saddened by the news. This was one of three remaining stations...
  20. GermanG

    Piranhas? Yikes!

    Looks like I have to find a new place to take my black lab swimming! It seems some guy was fishing with his son at Stafford Forge and caught several fish he couldn't ID. He went back a second time and caught another one, this time keeping it and bringing it to a taxidermist. The taxidermist...