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  1. Anthony Amalfitano

    Martha Rd

    Is Martha Rd part of the Batona Trail?
  2. Anthony Amalfitano

    Hawkin Rd, dirt section.

    Two weekends ago Fish and Wildlife had their Expo at Colliers Mills. I took my Daughter there. When we were done wandering through the exhibits we went for a ride south on Hawkin Rd. We came upon this survey marker, it's fairly new, cement, with a silver disk in the center. There wasn't anything...
  3. Anthony Amalfitano

    Burlington Co.

    I stumbled upon this web site today, some might find it interesting.
  4. Anthony Amalfitano

    The Mahacomack Line

    I was jealous to see photos of Marker Stones for the Lawrence Line, and Blacks property stones. Which caused me to recall the discovery of a Mahacomack Line marker in Colliers Mills WMA. Persons unknown had attempted to remove this stone and left it laying on the ground. A second person removed...