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  1. autumn_mist

    More Pine Barrens Weirdness

    I swear this is the type of stuff you only find in the pines *lol* A couple of weeks ago, I tagged along with my husband when he returned to the housing development that he and a crew from the Magnolia Road fire company had protected during the wildfires. He had been asked by the webmaster of...
  2. autumn_mist

    Old Log Cabin in Browns Mills

    Has anyone visited the old, abandoned, creepy looking house in Browns Mills? It is on S.Lakeshore Drive and looks a lot like an old log cabin. Any history on it?
  3. autumn_mist

    History of the Brooksbrae Brick Company

    Could anyone point me in the direction of articles, maps, and/or photogaphs relating to the history of the Brooksbrae Brick Company? I'd love to find some old blueprints or photographs of the place to see what it looked like in its prime.