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  1. Evan Wilder

    Field Recording of Singing Frogs

    Bob, thank you very much. I think that came from neither an FM nor an AM frequency. It was recorded from radio a long time ago. Fairly certain the voice was synthetic. And Karen could articulate her sensitivity and appreciation of nature better than we could. Here's the another recording...
  2. Evan Wilder

    Field Recording of Singing Frogs

    For anyone interested, this was recorded tonight. Northern gray frogs, I believe.
  3. Evan Wilder

    Cloud 9

    For the last few years I've been working on and releasing some tracks and video about the Pines under the name Cloud People. The 9th release in a series (The Clouds) is about to be released. It is a remix album of highlights from the previous 8 releases. I had help from locals Yung Coyote, and...
  4. Evan Wilder

    Pineys Join Global Ambient Electronics Effort to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims

    Pinelands & Jersey City electronic music producers join global artistic effort to help out the victims Hours ago, Headphone Commute released a 6+ hour collection of music from artists from all over the globe. It is already the #1 seller on Bandcamp: ... and darkness came...
  5. Evan Wilder

    Sandy aftermath

    Ben, awful. Sorry to hear about your house and everything. Glad you are safe though. Nice of your mom to provide refuge through the storm. Best to everyone enduring through the storm's damage.
  6. Evan Wilder

    Trashing the pines

    Good work documenting, Ecampbell. Very frustrating that people can not appreciate the wilds. If anyone cares to see, here's some videos I made about people trashing the pines.
  7. Evan Wilder

    Cloud People get Buck Wild

    Thanks for listening, Bob. The Oaks has a virtual instrument that started out sounding like log drums and then got slightly tweaked. Certainly within that xylophonic sound. Somehow always hear that sound echoing through the turning oak leaves. I like your titles a lot. Hope to hear it...
  8. Evan Wilder

    Cloud People get Buck Wild

    Apologies if this feels like spam, but I was involved in making some tracks about the Pinelands. Maybe someone here appreciates electronic music about these evergreen wilds. Released today (free): Tracklisting: 01 The Pines (Part 1, Featuring 1692)...
  9. Evan Wilder

    Looking for storytellers for Pines film

    The videos look amazing. Very exciting!
  10. Evan Wilder

    Dear Pine Barrens: Cloud People exist.

    She or he may know of them, if Bigfoot has ever laid bedazzled under the South Jersey stars whilst hearing in the distance, the wild, wailing arpeggios from the pines.
  11. Evan Wilder

    Dear Pine Barrens: Cloud People exist.

    I write to make it known that there is music, videos and film made and in production in regards to and inspired by the pines, via mythical beings intrinsic to the barrens. Electronic, synthesizer-based IDM dub and more: Also, Wild & Sh*t with...
  12. Evan Wilder

    another barren night

    Excellent photos!
  13. Evan Wilder

    Summer Solstice brings Awesome Sunsets

    Dear NJPineBarrens Forums, I am new to this board and would like to say hello. To mark the summer solstice of our northern hemisphere, I present a song I worked on, about sunsets in these pines. Hear here: "Awesome Sunsets"...