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  1. james ungehajer

    jim ungehajer's illness

    hello, my name is renee Jim Ungehajer's stepdaughter,,,, i just wanted to notify you that jimmy hasnt been on here for a while and the reason being is that jimmy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in february,,,, since then he underwent two chemo treatments and had become too weak to continue...
  2. james ungehajer

    Rancocas Creek Cleanup Ongoing effort to remove debris from the Rancocas. Jim
  3. james ungehajer

    Congrats TeeGate

    10,000 posts, congratulations Guy. Are you on your second or third keyboard ?:rofl: Jim
  4. james ungehajer

    Lee Cranberry Harvest. I had the opportunity to be at last years harvest. Jim
  5. james ungehajer

    Hunter Finds Body Hunter finds body near AC Expressway. Jim
  6. james ungehajer

    Jersey Devil Hunt Pinelands Preservation will be hunting for the Jersey Devil. Jim
  7. james ungehajer

    Blueberry Farms Labor Violations They are using 7 year old children to pick Blueberries. Unbelievable. All Farms are located in Atlantic County. Jim
  8. james ungehajer

    New Jerseys Cranberries Thriving Interesting article with a viewpoint from Joe Darlington. Jim
  9. james ungehajer

    Still Family Traditions Ancestors of Dr.James Still family reunion. Jim
  10. james ungehajer

    Tire Spikes On Tuckahoe Road Tuckahoe Road being hit by vandals using tire spikes in Buena Vista Township. What sickos.:bang: Jim
  11. james ungehajer

    The Legend Of Ong's Hat An interesting article from the Cape May County Herald dated July 9th, an added treat is a watercolor of a special tree in Ong's Hat painted by Ned Knox local poet. Jim
  12. james ungehajer

    Thompson's Beach, Caviar

    All Today i went to two places that i have never been to before, the first place was Thompson's Beach, i left my house at 6 in the morning and 62.1 miles later i arrived at the observation deck on Thompson's Beach Road. I was to meet up with Al at 8 and as i was early i put on my knee highs...
  13. james ungehajer

    Jersey's Blood Sucking Fiends An interesting article about Mosquitoes. Jim
  14. james ungehajer

    Moore's Beach With Manumuskin

    All I have been in touch with Al in the past week discussing the possibility of exploring Thompson's Beach, i heard that name somewhere before:rofl:, also with the possibility that Thompson's was not feasible we would then attempt Moore's Beach, there's that name again:rofl:. I left home...
  15. james ungehajer

    Wharton Wet And Wild

    All On Saturday i wanted after all the rain to go to places in Wharton, Monument hunting was my first order of things, due to the rain my friend George and i almost decided to cancel the Wharton trip, we were going to go to Howardsville instead, another place that i have yet to visit. I...
  16. james ungehajer

    Swamp Monster

    All With today Wednesday being the best day of the week weatherwise, i decided from a few day's ago to go to a few places in the Pines that i have never been to before, my ultimate objective was first to go to the Swamp Monster. I left at 0830 this morning to pick up my friend George, then...
  17. james ungehajer

    2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    I just saw a friend of mine and he is selling his 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport, i will have pics of the vehicle and a telephone number up by tomorrow, anyone that is interested can pm me and i will give the telephone number out privately, serious inquiries only. Here are some specs. 2003 Jeep...
  18. james ungehajer

    Stills, Hills, Pigs, Beer

    All First thing before i tell everyone about my outing today with my friend George, i would like to give a toast to longtime Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas who passed away today and was found in the broadcast booth before the start of a Phillies-Washington Nationals game in Washington D.C...
  19. james ungehajer

    Conflicker Just read about the Conflicker worm, it's moving.:siren: Jim
  20. james ungehajer

    Devious, Bear Swamp, Two Sawmills

    All I started out to go to the Pines around 11:00 A.M. with the intention mostly of finding Geodetics, Property Markers, and a few Sawmills that i have never been to before, a thank you to Guy for putting together the locations, and to the people who found them. I have now viewed four of the...