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  1. amf

    Calico Ridge

    Not sure if this the right section to post this in, but I was wondering if anyone recalls where the camping area at Calico used to be. I recall camping there many times as a youth, and it was not far from the Oswego. When did the state close the area down? Was it ever an "official" campground? amf
  2. amf

    Vanderbilt Mill

    Not in the pines, but still south jersey. My wife came across an old postcard reading "Vanderbilt Mill, near Auburn NJ". The card had a Daretown PO cancellation, and was bought in Woodstown. I have worked in that area for many years, and never come across a reference to Vanderbilt Mill, & have...
  3. amf

    got chiggers?

    Not to hijack Virgos earlier post, but it got me thinking. Are chiggers more of a pest now than they were in the past? As a kid, I spent my share of time in the pines. Ticks were always there, but I never remember getting chiggers like I do now. My most recent attempt to thwart the buggers...