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    Trail map for sanctioned motorbikes in N.J.’s Pinelands moves forward, despite enviro concerns
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    Fire plan would cut 2.4 million New Jersey Pinelands trees
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    Pinelands Preservation Alliance Hires Nature and Disability Advocate
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    East Stokes Road Beach

    We visited the beach along the Batsto River off of Stokes road near Quaker Bridge this morning, where vehicles were driving and causing errosion. The state has closed the beach off to vehicle traffic and the work appears to have occurred very recently.
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    Porsche unveils 911 Dakar, an off-road beast

    We might see this vehicle driving the pines :D
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    Hampton Gate Hotel

    All, I have visited the site for the past couple of years and I believe this is the site of the Hampton Gate Hotel. To be truthful I don't have any proof but the location fits and the age of the ruins easily could be from that era. I will be measuring the place soon but I estimate it to be 25...
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    This Saturday, November 19, is New Jersey's Youth Firearm Deer Hunt Day

    Everyone be careful on Saturday. Wear your orange. This Saturday, November 19, is New Jersey's Youth Firearm Deer Hunt Day giving youth hunters an opportunity to harvest a deer of either sex prior to the opening of the regular firearm deer hunting seasons. The hunt requires no special season...
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    N.J. bear hunt returning soon as Murphy says he will end his ban
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    Fall on the Atsion Burn --- A PBX Trip

    All, On October 6 all members of PBX received this edited email from Bobpbx concerning this Fall Colors trip: Have you ever seen the Okavango delta? Have you ever struggled through the big swamp over to Bob’s RK Ranch via Leon’s Route? No? Then come along, let’s meander down that way and get...
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    Illegal off-road vehicles continue to tear up N.J. forests. Advocates push for crackdown.
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    A Proposal By The NJDEP To Develop A Permit System For Vehicles Using The Back Roads That Crisscross Wharton State Forest Has Given Rise To A Budding
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    If 2.4 Million Trees Fall Will Trenton Hear it?
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    Pinelands Commission Pond Study Report

    Have any of you read the pond study report by the Pinelands Commission? Here are a few interesting lines. It pretty much vindicates approved enduro routes in regards to pond damage. A greater percentage of excavated ponds were damaged by off‐road vehicles compared to natural ponds. We found...
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    Scheduled Replacement Of Bridge On Access Way For Two Local Campsites Sparks Calls For Officials To Fix ‘Dangerous’ Road

    Godfreys Bridge.
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    Property Stones And More... Fall 2022/ Winter Spring 2023

    All, I was looking over aerials to search for more of Bill Haines property lines and saw this. We headed out early and after a short walk down a wet dim road we found this. It looks like someone is trying to attract snakes. We found nothing under it. They always lay branches across them for...
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    Does anyone know this person? Could it be our forum? He was a contributor to the N.J. Pine Barrens Forum and a member of the Coleman Lantern Collectors Club.
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    Wharton drivers better tell NJ now what they need and want
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    Area Closed Off

    I have not traveled down Hawkins Bridge Road in a while and noticed this past weekend they have blocked off this area with the plastic signs. They have four plastic signs blocking this one instead of the usual one or two. They really don't want you to drive there...
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    The murky and mysterious Pinelands: New mini-documentary explores NJ natural marvel
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    The Tabernacle Historical Society has a webpage on Emilo Carranza that you may want to view. If you scroll down to the last article on the page you can read a WPA newspaper report on the improvements taking place on Carranza Road in 1937. I believe there is one mistake in the article when it...