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  1. Pine Baron

    Pine Barrens 4WD Clean up

    This really was a great day just as Scott posted! It was awesome hanging with he and his bride, along with her sister, as well as seeing Terry and Tom (Oji), again! Met up with some friends from the Iron in the Pines jeep club, too! Cleaning up nasty diapers and needles strewn about the forest...
  2. Pine Baron

    The Pine Barons 6/22

    Been to Camden and Trenton, but never here. Might have to go to a game and if I come home with a Pine Barons shirt, well... Thanx for posting this.
  3. Pine Baron

    Oak Island, A PBX Visit.

    Great trip report and pics! This is what I tune into this site to see. Thanx for sharing! John-
  4. Pine Baron

    Where is this?

    That was my first thought, Joe, but those two trees are only a little over 4 miles from Friendship.
  5. Pine Baron

    Pinelands Commissioner replaced

    I'm wondering why commissioners with an anti-pipeline viewpoint are considered "recalcitrant". Are they not allowed to voice their opinions?
  6. Pine Baron

    Bevan WMA Forest Fire

    1500+ acres are burning and is 25% contained as of 7:00 am.
  7. Pine Baron

    Where is this?

    Looks a lot like some of the trenches you find at Amatol.
  8. Pine Baron

    Pine Grove Church

    Drove by the church on Easter Sunday and it seems they are making a little bit of progress.
  9. Pine Baron

    Where is this?

    I believe there are only two trestles with the double rail.
  10. Pine Baron

    Where is this?
  11. Pine Baron

    Land Rover unveils disappearing hood

    If I'm going to spend that much on a 4x4, it won't be going on roads where I need a HUD to see the road ahead. Just a thought.
  12. Pine Baron

    Heartbleed SSL Attack. Important!

    Thanx Guy, that clears it up perfectly! And thanx for the new security, Ben!
  13. Pine Baron

    Heartbleed SSL Attack. Important!

    I understand why you need to change your password on financial sites such as banks and such, but why is there a need to change it on a site like this which is more or less "social". Is it because some people use passwords for more than one site? Thanx, John-
  14. Pine Baron

    Where is this?

    Near Jakes Branch?
  15. Pine Baron

    Photo Archives--Forked River Mountain Coalition

    The cab with the railing looks like the Cedar Bridge tower before the helicopter moved it.
  16. Pine Baron

    Illegal Dumping Pilot Program

    There was nice showing from state and local representatives on Thursday at BBSF. At least one gets the feeling that there is an effort to try and curtail this sort of activity. It's definitely a step in the right direction. Link John-
  17. Pine Baron

    NJDEP Illegal Dumping Survey

    I was part of the BTB clean-up last weekend. We filled the 30 yd open top fairly quickly and gathered another 20 yds or so and piled it up nearby for a loader to pick up later in the week. It was a shame they didn't order a second for that area. We could have filled it to capacity with ease...
  18. Pine Baron

    Where is this?

    Bridge #78 over Mine Spung Creek.
  19. Pine Baron

    First day of Spring

    Last night the people at Rita's in Medford were lined up in 40° + weather for their "free" water ice. We jumped in the express line and had to pay. John-
  20. Pine Baron

    NJ to Euthanize 114K Brook Trout Due to Disease

    Considering you need about 10 brookies per person, this should just about cover it!