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    4 new trails in wharton - one is an old stage road, titled the "1808 trail"

    I came across this post on FB. I'm really excited about these trails. I love how one of the trails is known as the 1808 trail, highlighting its history as a road. I hope to one day see some signage about the history Grand Opening: Four New WSF Hiking Trails Put on your hiking shoes and join us...
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    Spung near the EHC lake

    There is a spung (or at least it appears to be a spung) near the EHC lake. I've been meaning to get back there for quite some time, but i've never attempted to go during winter. Every other time I've tried during spring/summer, the brush was too thick to get anywhere close to this feature. I...
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    EHC is trying to redevelop part of the city lake park into a warehouse

    To concerned citizens, The Egg Harbor City Council has started the process of condemning the 400 acre City Lake Park. This park encompasses the land around and including the Egg Harbor City Lake & Campground. You can get an idea of the enormous size of this park by looking at the parcel map...