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  1. kingofthepines

    Great John Mathis

    I stumbled upon a photo of a marker I found a few years ago. I was curious about the name on it. Was it Math Is, (island) or Mathis.. Some nice history.
  2. kingofthepines

    another pinesnake

    I could only snap two quick pics. he was moving quick.
  3. kingofthepines

    Cemetary Road

    At the end of cemetary road in Knowlton is........a cemetary.,-75.015271&spn=0.001913,0.003573&t=k&z=18&om=1 what I didn't know until after I had left was that the small round structure at the top of the cemetary used to be a 1 room schoolhouse...
  4. kingofthepines

    For the herpers

    Heterodon platirhinos There were more than one. I have GOT to get a decent camera. I won't give out the location except to say it was quite remote and where you would expect to see them.
  5. kingofthepines

    sandy ridge

    Hopefully not a repost. Batteries were about dead in the camera so I only got a few shots of the remains of Sandy Ridge.
  6. kingofthepines

    Yeah, what they said..
  7. kingofthepines

    sewell r/p club

    anyone know if the rifle ranges are still active? I haven't been back there in about 3 years and the last time the road to the club was gated.
  8. kingofthepines

    just curious

    if this is the radio tower i mentioned in a previous post. i don't know if this is in wharton.,-74.39083&z=18&t=H
  9. kingofthepines

    1950's campground

    I've tried my best to remember the details of a story I was told about 10 years ago by the then assistant superintendant of wharton state park whose name I think was a Jim Donohue. I do remember for sure that he said he was a landscaper fom Freehold. From what I remember, he told me the story...
  10. kingofthepines

    Crotalus horridus

    New Sighting
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    Crocodile Hunter :(
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    Fire Towers

    Don't know if this has been posted here before or not but for those who are interested.....Fire Towers
  13. kingofthepines

    Anyone know?

    What this is? Gated? Private property? I was just curious.
  14. kingofthepines

    Blast from the past

    Blast from the past
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    Found this from a user on my board.
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    What is it?

    Again I forgot to take a picture, but I'm sure some, if not all of you will know what I'm referring to. There is a white pipe sticking out of the ground appx. here. Anyone have a guess what it is and why it is there?