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  1. JasonBreen

    Finding locusts?

    I have a bearded dragon here at home, and I was thinking of finding locust species locally, and breeding them, in order to feed them to my beardie. Are there any species of locust in the Pine Barrens?
  2. JasonBreen

    Pine Barrens Tonewood

    I just got the idea last night, to make a acoustic guitar out of wood that grows here in the pines! Aside from AWC (Atlantic White Cedar), what other timber can be used as a good tonewood for a acoustic? I plan on making a topboard out of AWC. By the way, where can I get awc lumber from?
  3. JasonBreen

    Anyone got any stories?

    I'm doing a term paper and documentary for my college class, on the stories and folklore of the Pine Barrens, and any stories to investigate would be great!
  4. JasonBreen

    Need info on Pasadena and Peggy Clevenger

    Hi, I'm a student in college, and I'm doing a term paper and documentary on the folklore of the Pine Barrens, and I decided to start with the area closest to where I live in Ocean County, Pasadena Road. Anyone got info about the area and it's history? I'm somewhat clueless on where to start...