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  1. glowordz

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Good points. PPA's email was very convincing. They left out a few salient details, but that has been discussed here. Like many others of you, I will not be renewing my membership. What a shame!
  2. glowordz

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Ed, I just applied. Please approve me? :)
  3. glowordz

    Pine Barrens Exhibition at the Noyes Museum

    Will have to wait until March to see the exhibit -- but I wouldn't miss it. Thanks, Jerseyman!
  4. glowordz

    High Crossing never disappoints

    Continually amazing to me. Thanks, Ed! Miss y'all!
  5. glowordz

    This Weekend at Stafford Forge

    Beautiful! I especially liked the bog with moss close-up. Thank you! ~Glo
  6. glowordz

    One Fine Day

    Magnificent photos, Bob. Breath-taking! Thank you.
  7. glowordz

    One Sweet Bog

    Beautiful, beautiful views of that lovely place! Okay, I guess my vote goes for #2 as well. Thank you, Ed!
  8. glowordz

    Looking for PB Tree Frogs and other amphibians

    Funny! Yes, I've seen those looks. Glad you're enjoying the sounds. ~Glo
  9. glowordz

    Looking for PB Tree Frogs and other amphibians

    Your son might enjoy listening to these frog songs, recorded by forum member Bill Beck: Glo
  10. glowordz

    Friendship creek headwaters

    You know, I was just thinking that! Looks like the perfect place for a frog-adventure, too.
  11. glowordz

    Friendship creek headwaters

    Great pix -- and videos give a nice perspective, complete with squishy wet sounds. Thanks, Jeff. I didn't know it was there. Really must expand my horizons beyond Friendship Bogs. ~Glo
  12. glowordz

    2013 Lines On The Pines

    Speaking of books --and not at all in the same ball park as Boyd's and Linda's--I plan to be at LOP with Book 3 in Tales of Friendship Bog: TRAPPED, and a novel, THE FOREVER STONE, set in the Pines. As always, anyone from this forum whose name or face I recognize gets a free book. If you want...
  13. glowordz

    Whippoorbill's gift to us

    I can listen to the file from my computer without registering. :)
  14. glowordz

    Searching For A Cave In The Pines

    Nice story, Guy, complete with venerable stone, fearsome green haze, and a mysterious puffball. I've always wondered about caves . . . Glo
  15. glowordz

    Retreat Preserve...A PBX Special Hike

    Thank you, Jerseyman. The subject definitely has possibilities--perhaps I may do a little studying (guess where?) in the spring! Glo
  16. glowordz

    Insect nest?

    I wondered about that, but I always thought they had a more precisely defined shape. I guess I'm wrong, judging from this photo. Praying mantis is one insect I really like!
  17. glowordz

    Insect nest?

    But . . . it's so artfully constructed! :ninja:
  18. glowordz

    Insect nest?

    Good! Long may it hang! It's the first thing I'll check, come Feb. Glo
  19. glowordz

    Insect nest?

    Love these pix, Ed . . . Can't wait to hear what everyone says! Glo
  20. glowordz

    Retreat Preserve...A PBX Special Hike

    Belated thanks, Jerseyman, for the fascinating sequence of Retreat history you detailed for us. The statement about "children in the neighborhood" caught my eye too, but I had no idea of the subtext. With Dickens' ghost hovering near, I wonder: how common was child labor exploitation in those days?