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  1. dragoncjo

    NJ Tax Lot Maps

    I use to use this link in order to find out what tax lots belonged to who, You use to be able to click on a plot of land and it...
  2. dragoncjo

    Bald Eagles Shamong

    We had a doe that a Hunter hit low with a broad head and she died on my property. For the last week or so we’ve had at least four bald eagles feeding on it. 4 adults and one with still some brown on its head. I’m guessing these are paired up adults that aren’t on a nest. From what I can see so...
  3. dragoncjo

    Rural Development Zone - Pinelands

    Does anyone know if you can clear land for farming in the rural development zone within pinelands? Thanks
  4. dragoncjo

    Website for Vacant Property Acreage and Lot Size

    Does anyone know if a website exists to obtain the lot dimensions for a parcel of land that is owned by an entity. For background, I have a lot next to me in shamong that is 1.67 acres that I want to purchase. The owner gave me what I feel like is a ridiculously high offer for what I think is...
  5. dragoncjo

    Kayaking Mullica

    Recently have gotten into kayaking to explore the pines. Curious what the easiest drop in and spots the paddle Mullica are. Jackson road drop in is down the street but it looks fairly tight. We have a two person kayak which is long and two singles. Just wondering what the best spot to paddle...
  6. dragoncjo

    Doghouse Platform?

    Can someone tell me what are these platforms by LBI that have doghouses on them? There is also one near beesleys point. Have to be for birds but not sure what kind.
  7. dragoncjo


    Question, are crayfish common in pine barrens? I saw a instagram post of one in pines and I never thought of them being around. I do recall otter scat with signs of them in cumberland.
  8. dragoncjo

    Amazon - Impact

    This is a longshot in my opinion but I wonder what the impact would be on the pines and area in general if amzn chose Philly as its 2nd HQ city. I truely dont think Philly will be chosen because of its awful road system and so so public transportation solutions. Also I think philly’s blue...
  9. dragoncjo

    Cow Point - Medford Development

    Curious does anyone know what is going on at cow point in medford along stokes road. It has tarp fencing along a big portion of property and my guess is it will be developed. I thought it was protected but wondering if anyone knows whats going on. Development in around Marlton and mt laurel...
  10. dragoncjo


    anybody in medford area just feel sustain shaking for 20 seconds? Legit seemed like a quake.
  11. dragoncjo

    Interactive Pinelands Map

    Question, is there a way to see the zoning for a particular area in the pinelands. For instance I would like to see if my house falls in the preservation area or agricultural. Recently the land adjacent to me was cleared for agriculture use and I'm wondering if its legal. Thanks
  12. dragoncjo

    Bobwhite reintroduction I've been fortunate to see two quail and heard a handful over the years. Down in pitssgrove while golfing I've heard a few, such a nice sound. Also saw two off glade road years ago. Seems like a good program, kudos to...
  13. dragoncjo

    Does Tauton Lake Road Flood Bad?

    I'm looking at some homes in Medford/Evesham area. Along Tauton Lake Road up to King James Lake/Kings Grant there are multiple homes for sale and in general there aren't many homes there. I'm just wondering if this area flooded real bad during Hurricane Sandy. Seems odd that so many would be...
  14. dragoncjo

    Always be Vigilant They don't specifically mention it but the snakes from NJ were eastern kingsnakes from the barrens. I've known about this for sometime so its good to see the case finally...
  15. dragoncjo

    Barred Owl

    I was out in the field yesterday observing a hatchling hognose snake alongside a trail. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bird land on a branch directly behind me by about 15 feet. I turned around and it was a nice adult barred owl, he then flew across the trail to face me about 10 feet...
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    Glad they killed the bear because of the person stupidity.
  17. dragoncjo

    People need to get a grip Rogue this article fake.
  18. dragoncjo

    Search and Rescue

    Lots of K9 dogs and search and rescue crews out by Caranza tonight. Also alot of rescue people down by Costello school, guessing someone escaped and got lost in the woods?
  19. dragoncjo

    A Big Thanks to Everyone Protecting the Barrens

    I've been dealing with some long term issues regarding destruction to the ecology of the pines. I wanted to thank everyone who is helping me protect the barrens from further destruction. The people know who they are but the amount of effort and support is overwhelming, your dedication to the...
  20. dragoncjo

    Dry Forests

    At this time of year I've haven't seen the woods this dry along with vernal pools in probably 10 years. Vernal pools that are normally full until July are bone dry. We really need some rain soon.