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  1. pineywoman

    Tokyo, Japan

    Okay Dokey! We are planning 1 of 3 vacations next year! The first we are looking at is Tokyo towards March/April. I was wondering if anyone has ever been? We are looking to stay at the Four Seasons, but if there is something else recommended that will be grand. Also, points of interest that are...
  2. pineywoman

    Gangnam Style?

    The most asinine song ever and #1 in the world.
  3. pineywoman

    Dian Marie Robers

    "I was very lucky god put me in the middle of the Pine Barrens. To me there was everything there." Can anyone tell me about her? I can't find anything. This is a plaque I found near the Wading River. I'd like to hear about her legacy or what type of a woman she was.
  4. pineywoman

    Menantico Ponds

    Hello My Dear Brother/Sister Piney Lovers, I was just recently at Menantico Ponds and would like to write a story. If you are aware, I like to give a little history about my little adventures when I go out and about. Is there anyone out here in Piney Land willing to give me some background...
  5. pineywoman

    Maskell's Mill Pond

    Okay I'm doing an upcoming story on this place. There is very limited information about the area. However, it is quite beautiful. This is some of the information I will be posting. Please let me know if you have any other facts/intellectual knowledge you can offer. Maskells Mill Pond...
  6. pineywoman

    Piney Water

    Okay, so I have been doing a bunch of research on the Pine Barrens. They say that a lot of wildlife like birds, plants, etc. can't really live off the water due to it's high PH level and mineral content. However, the wildlife that exists, thrives. Question.. If it affects the local...
  7. pineywoman

    Hi Piney Lovers

    I wanted to introduce myself. I just recently joined. I wanted to say that I admire everyone's conservation efforts and also for their own discovery of the beautiful Pine Barrens. I hope to contribute a lot of information to this site in my adventures. Hope you have a great weekend.