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  1. bobpbx

    National Monument

    Another of those gift articles I can share with my subscription. Has some nice photos. Our country is quite diverse in regards to landscape and environment. It's good to see this area saved.
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    Who Owns What

    Speaking of lots and ownership, this is a pet peeve of mine. Okay, so we don't get to see private owners and adresses anymore. But why is it that any land owned by the public at large (or made into preserves to be open to the public by organizations) is not clearly identified on the state tax...
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    Off the grid?

    I left some of this vague to see how quickly you can identify it. It's interesting how they get in there. The roads look horrible when wet.
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    Round Abouts

    This article you can read without subscription. Very interesting. We are way down the list on number of traffic circles. I thought the country was moving in the opposite direction, but no. Think of the 206 and 70 circle. I used to hate it, but not so much since I moved to barnegat with its...
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    SE of Atsion

    I had to go back into the burn twice more. It's fascinating to be out there. I parked on fireline road in two different areas and went in deep. Big bluestem doing it's thing Bushy Bluestem doing it's thing Some fields of pitch pine had trunks less than 2 inches in diameter. True pitch pine...
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    Shipwreck Thieves

    This is a gift article. You can read it without a subscription.
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    Smoke_Jumper Family Fund Raiser

    Smoke_Jumper (John Regn) is a long time member of the NJPineBarrens site. His wife Stacia recently received the a diagnosis of colon cancer and has been out of work to focus on her health. Posting this if you have an interest in helping the family out. John and Stacia have 3 children...
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    Cedar Creek at 539

    This photo was taken Oct 21, 2022. This sand bar was the result of beaver blocking the pipes under route 539. They did such a complete job that 539 was flooded when it rained hard at the end of this summer, and the county opened up the pipes and let 'er rip. The water gushing through must have...
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    Constable Bridge

    Has anyone used it recently, is it drivable?
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    Elevation Readings

    Boyd, I uploaded waypoints so I can use your elevation feature and capture the elevation of each. Using my GPS is not acceptable, as I can tell some of the numbers are way off. I plan to just center the crosshairs on each waypoint and then type it into an excel file I'll have open. Is the base...
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    Never knew about this site. Another landscape scar to be repaired. Plan is 21 years old. Never materialized?
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    Winslow Area

    Do any of you know what this land just north of Winslow Junction is being used for? Very curious design.
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    Was out in Atlantic County yesterday with my friend Mark. Found this on a sand road under power lines. Did not realize until I blew the photo up that he may be wounded. It looks like his innards are emerging at the bottom?
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    Packs of them
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    Fire Ecology in the Pines

    Fire ecology in the pines is often discussed. It's not my area of expertise, but it does interest me because of what I see out there. For the past month, I've gone deep into the pine plains performing a plant survey. I'm starting to feel vulnerable out there because of the combination of narrow...
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    Nice Walk

    Do you want to go?
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    Across from the airstrip. Anybody know what this is about?
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    Holds the Eye -- Yellow Dam Branch

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    Pink to Pink

    I helped Fort Dix count some of their Swamp Pink. This stream produces a crazy amount. I've never seen so many together.