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    Peggy Clevenger of Pasadena

    I am searching for a possible grave-site for Peggy Clevenger of Pasadena,the alleged witch of the pines,First off where is Pasadena? I Feel that if I can find a gravestone or site it would verify the legend .If anyone can provide clues no matter how small would help. I was able to find the...
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    haunted graveyards

    Ive travled the state but still cant find the defintive Pine Barrens cemetery/graveyard Does anyone know where one is...or any haunted stories that go along with them?
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    Sammy Buck aka Samual Giberson

    Does anyone know if the grave of Sammy Gibeson Sammy buck exist? Hes said to dueled the Devil with Fiddles and won...any clues
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    henry charlton beck info sammy buck too

    heres an important question where was Herny charlton beck from? where did he live? im hoping to track down his grave any clues does anyone know the location of fiddler sammy buck aka samual gibberson? write back