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    1,500 acres of Pinelands woods, swamp preserved
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    Treasure trove of history found at SugarHouse site

    Not NJ but it's only across the river.
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    College student collecting frogs is mistaken for deer, shot dead

    Tragic but appropriate considering some recent discussions on this board.
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    New species of leech discovered in South Jersey Very lucky this thing was discovered by someone who actually thought they might have something special.
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    Camp Ocki & Matolly

    After seeing the camps mentioned on another thread I was inspired to get off of my butt and post these photos I took in December when I took my daughter down there for her interview for a councilor’s job. The place really hasn’t changed much from when I was a camper there 40 years ago It's...
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    Keep open mind on trash depot

    Could editorials like this be one of the many reasons for the previous post?
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    Fish and Wildlife doubts coyote is calf-killer

    Sorry if this too off topic since its out of state but with all the talk of coyotes, game cameras, and such I thought it might be of interest.
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    Pinelands panelists get recusal directive
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    Pakim Pond

    Business took me from my home in Wall Twp down to Lakehurst yesterday. I figured what the heck Brendan Byrne is only a coulpe of more miles down the road might as well take advantage of th warm weather. I hiked from the main parking lot via the BATONA Trail to Pakim Pond with a return trip...
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    Ocean County poised for Forked River Mountains purchase
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    State allows hunters to shoot feral hogs
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    New Jersey State Program Helps OHV’ers Gain Access to Land
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    Pinelands Commission chairwoman steps down
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    Too Cool The Boss's Jersey Devil song posted

    Too Cool The Boss's Jersey Devil video posted If you like Bruce, the blues, or if you are a JD fan this is for you. HAppy Hollowen Hear me now! I was born 13th child, 'neath the 13th moon Spit out hungry and born anew Daddy drag me to...
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    Outdoors; Life in the Slow Lane (todays NY Times)

    Did a Google search for bear-swamp-hill-plane-crash and got this back. BTW does anyone know if any of the planes wreckage can still be found between the fire...
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    A few questions about a Carranza Memorial to Apple Pie Hill hike

    I'll be doing with my daughter sometime this wekend. I have a real aversion to wearing long pants in the summer. I’ll be staying on trail at all times. Can I get away with wearing shorts or will the chiggers and ticks be too much? Will 40% deet suffice to keep them away? Is the abandoned...
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    Warren Grove To Reopen-APP
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    Introduction and a few newbie questions.

    Hi, First off I would like to thank the forum moderators and members for providing such a great source of information about the NJ Pine Barrens. By way of introduction please allow me to tell you a few things about myself. I have lived my entire life just outside of the Pine Barrens...