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    Pine Barrens Photograph Collection from 1915-16

    Dates are assumed by the writing on a few of the negatives. Photographer and subjects are unknown to me. Collection was stored by my grandmother who was at one time President of the Hammonton Historical Society and passed on to me by my mother who was also involved in local history with the...
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    Pinelands Gallery Show at Atlantic Cape Community College

    New Jersey Pinelands Gallery Show and Lecture at Atlantic Cape Community College - Nov. 15th at 6pm Gallery Show by New Jersey artists and lecture by Albert Horner featuring images from his photographic collection created over 11 years of capturing the essence of the Pinelands on film. For more...
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    How do we stop the damage?

    Every single unblocked ORV site that I monitor has fresh tracks going through it- this includes Jemima Mt which has a gate, but the gate alone has proven insufficient. We had 10 volunteers go and watch locations last Monday and we made 5 calls to the DEP Hotline to report 12 illegal...
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    A tough trip down the Nescochague

    4.5 miles in 7 and a half hours down the toughest river I have had the pleasure of paddling(or perhaps walking). Started at the Old Bridge and finished up at Batsto Church. There may have been over 100 blow downs on the trip, I lost count. Some evidence of maintenance done 10-20 years ago on a...
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    Manchester Council Approves Hovsons Development 3-2
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    Weymouth "Lake"

    I came across this article claiming that the mill pond at Weymouth was actually a lake a few miles long. The Magazine of History with Notes and Queries, Volume 24 Page 68 Another Deserted Village The tragedy of a town's death is written plainly across the landscape of Weymouth, N. J...
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    Colliers Mills Being Heavily Abused by ORV's

    The hill at Colliers has been abused even worse than Jemima. Seems to be little management, little enforcement in Colliers Mills.
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    Off Road Abuse of Wharton State Forest Continues

    I personally reported this group to the NJ DEP Hotline, they were out in broad daylight on Saturday Afternoon on Quaker Bridge Rd and other well-traveled areas. This video shows them in multiple areas that are signed off to motor vehicles, including First Beach on the Mullica River. One clip...
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    Wharton State Forest - Area Patrolled Sign Posting

    Two Day Volunteer Action on Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th at 8:00am in Wharton State Forest. Come either day or both. These signs may allow Park Police to ticket drivers and who have been found destroying areas regardless of whether or not there is a sign at their specific...
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    Roadside Vernal Pool Scavenger Hunt

    In my recent travels I have not been able to find one Vernal Pool in Wharton along a road that has not been driven into by off-roaders/mudders. (Tire tracks leading in, turbid water). Does anyone know of an example where one has not been trashed? I'm going to start tagging them on my GPS and...
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    Motorized vehicle closure criteria

    What are some criteria that you believe should qualify a USGS mapped trail for closure to motorized traffic?
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    Motorized Access

    From a recent discussion on social media, I was able to view this argument more dimensionally and I came to an understanding on how close we are on this motorized debate. Jemima was the subject of the discussion and the thread's originator was making the claim that the Pinelands can take it...