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    Near Buck Run

    Would anyone recall a small building off a trail near buck run out past Martha Pond? It would have been on the right about 1/4 mile off the mail trail. The building is long gone but I was there yesterday and it is like the place has been "erased". Not a stone is there. My main curiousity is...
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    Old wading river/maxwell rd public?

    Does anyone know if the dirt "iron pipe road" / old wading river-maxwell rd off of 563 is public? I've been wanting to go down there for a while but on the SE side it almost looks like it goes thru the middle of someones property. Is it state land or private? Thank you and enjoy your day!
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    Jersey Devil Alternate Origin

    I've been reading this forum for years but just decided to get off my rear end and join in tonight after a good, if short, hike in the Pines today. I read in several places over the years that Estell Manor also laid claim to being the birthplace of the Jersey Devil besides Leeds Point. The...