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  1. BEHR655

    Fire in Wharton

    Just saw a report that there 100 acres on fire in Wharton. They say near Hammonton but the fire command center is at Rt206 & Quaker Bridge. I have to do some work at a friends house in Atco tomorrow and will head out after to check it out. Steve
  2. BEHR655

    snake ID

    Was up in North Jersey yesterday around Old Mine Rd and came across this fella: Can someone ID him for me? Steve
  3. BEHR655

    Not the Pines

    My trip to Zion N.P., Utah Steve
  4. BEHR655


    I was in Mexico a couple of weeks ago to help celebrate a friends 50th birthday. Some of us took a tour to visit the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. What an amazing place. Could you imagine finding ruins like this in the Pines? Go here to view more...
  5. BEHR655

    Trip report: Shiver Me Timbers and Blow Me Down

    What can I say? We did it damn it! Our track: Length: 4.76 miles Time: 7 hours Rating: 8.33 We met at Atsion at 8:00. It was a sunny, crisp morning. It was the kind of day you dream of for a hike. And this was going to be some hike! For this hike we had Bob, Guy, Ed, Stu, Scott...
  6. BEHR655

    Cranberry Harvest

    On Saturday 10/14, Teegate, his daughter Jessica and I were invited to the Lee Brothers farm by Steve Lee to try our hand at harvesting cranberries. We arrived around 9:00 at the bogs on Rt563 where we were greeted by Steve Lee. He explained to us the process and then we put on our hip waders...
  7. BEHR655

    Oswego today

    Took a quick trip upstream on the Oswego & Papoose Branch today. The water was very high and it was a great day.The last time I ventured up the Papoose is was a defined stream with one foot high banks. Today it was like just paddling through a swamp. Here is a shot I took on the Oswego on July...
  8. BEHR655

    Poor fellow.

    I'm sure many of you are familier with the little "play" spot on Tuckerton Rd not fat off of Carrenza. It's the little dirt mound with a puddle at the base, off the side of the road. I came across the poor fellow today. He had gotten stuck last night and had come back for it today. He said he...
  9. BEHR655

    The Mullica

    Well I've spent some time on the Mullica these past two weekends. Last weekend I put in at Lock's Bridge and paddles up-stream 2 miles. Along the way I passed a group of folks that belonged to the Liberty Canoe Club out of the Trenton area. They claim to be the oldest club in NJ. This weekend...
  10. BEHR655

    Snake ID

    Saw this fellow on the bank of the Mullica on Saturday. He was about a foot long and was sneaking up on a toad or frog. He didn't seem to mind me taking photos.
  11. BEHR655

    Name that turtle...

    Saw this dude chillin' with his buddies on the Cooper River yesterday. What kind is it? Steve
  12. BEHR655

    Upper Batsto

    Yesterday a friend and I did the upper Batsto. I canoeing guide I have said the upper portion of the Batsto should not be attempted unless the water gauge at Quaker Bridge was at least 5.5'. When we dropped a vehicle off at QB we saw that the depth was almost 7'. Whoo Hoo! Now most of you have...
  13. BEHR655

    Assassin Bug

    It never ceases to amaze me that every year I see bugs that I've never seen before. Saw this fellow while working in Hammonton today. A search on the Internet revealed that it is an Assassin Bug, one of 3000 kinds. Steve
  14. BEHR655

    Gypsy Moths

    I'm working in Medford near the intersection of Tuckerton and Stokes. The client has a few trees that are being eaten by these gypsy moths. He really doesn't have it so bad. Just around the corner from him, on Tuckerton Rd, east of Stokes, it looks like a winter scene. Most of the trees are...
  15. BEHR655

    North Jersey hikes

    What happened to the N. Jersey forum??? A friend and I headed north on Sunday for a couple of hikes. First we went to Wildcat Ridge WMA up in Hibernia. That was just a short hike of about 1.5 mile round trip. The purpose of that hike was to view raptors at the hawk watch there. We saw a...
  16. BEHR655

    Hey Jerseyman...

    "scriptor rerum Nova Caesarea Dei memor, gratus amicus" OK, you are a writer of New Jersey history but what does the rest mean? I get "gratus"= free (I think) and "amicus" is friend??? Steve
  17. BEHR655

    OK, what's this?

    I found this bone 2 weekends ago down the end of Great Bay Blvd. in Tuckerton. I actually forgot about it until I saw it in the back of my suv today. I can't figure out what it is. Anyone have a clue? Steve
  18. BEHR655

    Weird New Jersey = Dumb Daughter

    Just got a call from the Cliffton police department. My 17 year old was taken into custody for criminal trespass. I don't recall the site they where caught at but but the officer said they are always catching kids going in there and he said it is a popular WNJ site. Steve Edit: It was "The...
  19. BEHR655

    City dog in the Pines

    I'd like to introduce you all to my dog Skyler. Sky is a city dog and I can't let him run anywhere around home. He will stay with me until there is a distraction. A distraction being ANYTHING that moves. Today I took him to the Pines for the first time. He had a blast. We went to Howardsville...
  20. BEHR655

    Breaking news...

    Just heard on the news that a small plane had to make an emergency landing in a field near Tabernacle. Wonder if Ed saw it. Steve