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    'Witmer Stone Weekend'—For Nature Lovers, Plant Enthusiasts, and South Jersey History Buffs

    Details here. Posted by Sue Detmire on Facebook.
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    John McPhee quoted in another Marilyn Schmidt article (front page of Inky)

    "McPhee, now a Princeton University professor, said in a rare interview that Buzby's was instrumental in his work. His book is credited with saving from development a million acres of rare "pygmy" pines, cedar swamps, and cranberry bogs. It was at Buzby's, McPhee says, that he met many of the...
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    Blueberry farmer cites U.S. 'torment' on workers

    A pretty inflammatory headline (, given that the article concludes: Then again, I guess I might have seen a news organization or two sensationalize a story or two through the years.
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    Gun clubs? or shooting ranges?

    A friend of mine who lives in Chester County, PA, spends time in the summer at the shore, and is looking for a place near the NJ shore where he can take his sons shooting. Any ideas?
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    Mallard Ducks - "Rape Flight" - Any ideas?

    An inquiry for all you phenomenal nature knowledge people on this message board about mallard behavior. My daughter has been watching a mother mallard and her ducklings in a pond in the area. She has been getting hectored pretty constantly by a bunch of frustrated drakes. This is evidently a...