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  1. omega

    The Jersey Devil, One Scary Lady

    PB, the true bottom line question is, was there ever a Dr. James Killian? I think not.
  2. omega

    The Jersey Devil, One Scary Lady

    so-called "journalists" today apparently don't know the right questions to ask. Jason is a very talented artist.
  3. omega

    Jersey Devil exhibit

    he didn't. Today's reporters apparently cannot ask the right questions. Jason McKittrick is a very talented artist.
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    Cranberry Fest and Batsto Country Living Fair

    too bad about the fair this year.. last year's was cool. Here's a link to a video I did on it last year. Batsto Country Living Fair
  5. omega

    Video help?

    I believe Hogpenny studios on LBI does this work as well. tough part today is finding a working 8mm projector!
  6. omega

    Kite photography, Whitesbog, 10/4/09

    fantastic work...I've seen some video done on RC helicopters, but this is very cool. Would love to see a shot of the kite as well.
  7. omega

    New to the pine barrens...

    most have cut their teeth on Beck's books. You might want to check out the Pinelands Discovery Festival this Saturday at Whitesbog Village usually some good stuff and family friendly.
  8. omega

    Jersey Devil Encounters?

    Thanks Jerseyman, yes that was the first interview conducted and I have that audio tape on video now. thanks for the leads.
  9. omega

    Jersey Devil Encounters?

    @ OC you're right that is how most of them go. Don't worry about it. @ Mike, I have a couple interviews in the can already, including Russ and a few more scheduled. But, I think to fill out the project I need a couple from those who can describe their experience in the pines with stories of...
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    Jersey Devil Encounters?

    wow, that's all so helpful, thanks.
  11. omega

    Jersey Devil Encounters?

    I'm working on a new project and would be interested in speaking with anyone who has had an experience in the Pines they might attribute to the Jersey(Leed's) Devil. PM me thru the forum. Thanks
  12. omega

    Whitesbog blueberry festival saturday

    for those that didn't make it.
  13. omega

    All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

    I have a friend in North Carolina who went misdiagnosed for a very long time. He is a musician, recording engineer and sax repair tech. He was being treated for arthritis. that treatment lead to retinal bleeding, which lead to laser eye surgery and a loss of a lot of his vision. He tells me his...
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    Some bikes and ATV sales banned.....

    Don;t have time to read the legalese right now, and this may not be the same thing, but I heard a parts manufacturer complaining on the radio about how new rules say if the product is marketed to children, it must comply with Lead regulations. Must be tested by 3 independent labs, which the gov...
  15. omega

    Gus Heinrichs passes on

    Interesting.... thanks.
  16. omega

    Gus Heinrichs passes on

    actually I was wondering if Gus and George were related, since George's father was also named Gus, but that wouldn't have been his father, since in the video, shot prior to 1994, George mentions how he took over when he father took ill.
  17. omega

    Gus Heinrichs passes on

    I shot a video on sneakboxes way back with George Heinrichs at one of the early decoy and gunning shows at Tip Seaman Park. The Baymen's museum had purchased one of his father's (Gus) sneakboxes for display at the museum. He had one on display he had spent that winter building. Relative?
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    Rt. 70 Road Trip

    Thanks Tom.
  19. omega

    Rt. 70 Road Trip

    Great Pictures, bring back memories, many created on the weekly drive from Toms river to Glassboro State back in the early '80's. We used to stop at the Evergreen for ice cream. One question, just west of Presidential lakes, there used to be, well, lakes, last few times I drove by they are...
  20. omega

    Body found off of Carranza Road today

    Usually suicides are not covered by the media unless they have an impact on the public. i.e. a story I covered years ago when a man stood on a bridge over a gorge threatening to jump and police had to close roads in the area. Then again, in my broadcast journalistic days it was a very...