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    Porsche unveils 911 Dakar, an off-road beast

    Those Sherps seem to be top heavy. Video of a Fab Rats recovery. I'm guessing that will buff out.
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    Music for the day

    Woody Guthrie would have been 110 years old yesterday.
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    Getting to Mount / Washington without a mudder vehicle or dirtbike?

    Yeah. Like most things these days, its a sellers market.
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    Getting to Mount / Washington without a mudder vehicle or dirtbike?

    Many years later I'm still using a Garmin 60CSx (w/ topos installed). I haven't found a reason to upgrade yet. Though others tell me I need to. Just to note. A good fat tire (4"+ wide) bicycle will easily get you down nearly everything in the pines. And allow for a guilt-free taco-truck...
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    Things you find while driving around....

    My experience finding it, was following a faint trail that led right to the stump.
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    Once Again Loud Booms are Reported

    Just a wild guess that the booms are from a SR-71 flying from Virginia to the Ukraine for pictures. We might be told in thirty years or so.
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    NJ Not Saving Forests From Vehicle Damage

    Do you care to tell us about a recent stakeholders meeting? I asked around and no one knows of one.
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    NJ Not Saving Forests From Vehicle Damage

    From your shared articles update... *Records show that Traphagen was charged on March 23 in Whatcom County Superior Court, where further details emerged about the case. As we previously reported, the incident took place on the Stewart Mountain Trail on March 6 and it appears that neither party...
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    NJ Not Saving Forests From Vehicle Damage

    There was mention in the AP article posted by Teegate about, hikers stabbing a mountain biker over a right-of-way dispute. A quick look through some on-line articles about this incident shows it was less like a dispute and more like an unprovoked attack. With the attacking hiker facing an...
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    Music for the day

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    Music for the day

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    Dash Cam

    Coincidently, this video about the legalities of dashcams was in my feed last night. The lawyer spoke to the problems someone will face if they delete the file or throw the camera away after an accident.
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    Maurice River Dredging

    I read that the state is offering to buy many of the homes on Money Island. Which I guess would make it like Thompson's Beach in a decade or two.
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    Maurice River Dredging

    "Some of the material dredged from the channel will be used to restore wetlands and fend off erosion, according to a description posted by the Army Corps."
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    Maurice River Dredging

    Driving back through Leesburg from the lighthouse today. Saw four maybe six dredgers docked at various spots along the way.Hope to return in a week or two and watch them work.
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    Operation Golden Nugget

    Ed is the best person to watch on YouTube these days.
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    Music for the day

    Charlie Watts
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    An off-road bicycle association chapter maintains the MTB trails. An outdoor club maintains the hiking trails. Trail maintenance is supervised by staff. Correct me if I'm wrong, but due to the increased traffic. I believe maintenance of the sand roads these days would require more/frequent use...
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    Food Truck at Batsto

    Why don't they ask us what we want to eat and drink first? An espresso and a cannoli after a hike or bike would be nice.
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    My new ride

    Nice Jeeps! Day after NYD, I traded in my 4Runner Trail for a Tacoma TRD. I like the change. The motor is not as strong. But it drives, handles, stops, much better and funner.