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  1. Marcia

    Genealogy Issues

    Myself, and I am sure others, go on this website to research genealogy issues . Many of my early New Jersey ancestors lived in this area. My question is; What is the best place to post new genealogy discoveries or ask questions. Marcia
  2. Marcia

    Peggy Clevenger of Pasadena

    Thank you for the reference to the previous thread. I have read that and it is through the daughter of John R. Clevenger, Elizabeth Ann Clevenger, that I have relationship to Peggy Clevenger. Her daughter Mary Ann Walcott Williams was my greatgrandmother. The originial thread had some good...
  3. Marcia

    Peggy Clevenger of Pasadena

    I love the stories about Peggy Clevenger as I claim her on my family tree also. I have a "cousin" who has a picture of Margaret Clevenger, her granddaughter, who remembers visiting her in her home in south Jersey. I have asked him permission to share this story with you
  4. Marcia

    Children's Furniture Store Lakewood

    Does anyone have a directory or map of downtown Lakewood. That would show a children's furniture store that operated there in the 1920's and maybe as late as the 1960's Thank you Marcia
  5. Marcia

    Just wondering if the publication "Scene, Yesterday" by Frank Wainwright a collection of his...

    Just wondering if the publication "Scene, Yesterday" by Frank Wainwright a collection of his articles for the "Advance Nickel News" would be of any value to you. If so I would be happy to send it on to you. My family is mostly from the Burlington area and not mentioned in the publication. You...
  6. Marcia

    Scene, Yesterday

    There was a botanist mentioned in the book . Below is quote from publication "Famous Botanist lived in Manchester," written by Elizabeth Morgan of Forked River. WThe part that is of the most interst to us, is the story of a John Torrey, who lived in Manchester (the original name of Lakehurst at...
  7. Marcia

    Scene, Yesterday

    No., Dr.Kneiskern, that I was able to find. Medical Drs. Camarda, Pitts and Brown. Is this still available? If not I will send it to you. Lots of old family names and stories about old places, "The Rope Mill?". My family was from Burlington for the most part and they were not mentioned.
  8. Marcia

    Scene, Yesterday

    I recently acquired a "book" printed by the Lakehurst Historical Society of memories of Frank Wainwright (b1890-d1980) as published in the Advance Nickel News starting in 1971. The column of his memories appeared from 1971 to1977. There are stories about the area and it people dating back to...