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  1. RednekF350

    Winter weather forecast

    14 degrees in P'Town right now. Winds have diminished. We had a few power blips last night. I had to reset appliance clocks this morning. Headed out in about 15 minutes for some coyote hunting.
  2. RednekF350

    I'll Never Tire Of This Spot

    The fully documented Shit Storm of June 23, 2015. Note the 4th highest wind gust ever recorded in Philadelphia history.
  3. RednekF350

    I'll Never Tire Of This Spot

    Here you go Jon. June 23, 2015. Less than an hour after one of the most violent set of storms I have ever seen passed through. We were without power for three days after this. No filters or editing. My wife took the one of me filling wine buckets to get water to fill our toilets. No power = No...
  4. RednekF350

    I'll Never Tire Of This Spot

    I have lived in this area for over 2,000 weeks this year and I will never tire of this particular view. I literally have hundreds of photos from this same perspective, standing on an old dike road. In those 2,000 weeks, I have probably stood there over 2,000 times. I think of it as my front...
  5. RednekF350

    Spotting scope for wildlife

    I am a huge fan of Leupold rifle scopes and their binocular products. I have a pair of their BX-4 and another pair of their BX-3 10X x 50mm binoculars. I am a really nice guy so I let my wife use the BX-4's when we hunt together. :)A little pricey for the BX-4's ($700 +/-) but good glass when...
  6. RednekF350


    I think we had a similar conversation many years ago Bob. I could never live around a homogenous gaggle of old people yapping about their meds and nosing into your business because they sure as hell don't have anything else to do. :) As for methane collection and other odors, if they are still...
  7. RednekF350

    Blind Boat And A Blind

    There used to be a boat stashed right about here, along with a few dozen decoys. I used to hunt and hike back there before you-know-who closed West Mill Road and cut off a few thousand or so acres of public land from public access. It still infuriates me and always will...
  8. RednekF350

    The rectangular thing

    I would say duck blind. There is an extensive one southeast of Wescoat Bogs and I have been to remnants of one east of the active bogs off of Dave's Road. You have been to the one southeast of Wescoat on my Bog Slog hike.
  9. RednekF350

    Military Fox Hole

    I think the 1949 topo is just lazy cartography. From experience, I can say with confidence that although the entire area is certainly wet as s*it, it is broken up by stretches of uplands. See attached NJGeoweb screen capture.
  10. RednekF350

    Military Fox Hole

    Gabe is spot on with the borrow pit theory for gathering material to construct a stream crossing. That road shows up in the 1870 Vermeule maps as well. There are several of these pits in my neck of the woods, all dug in closely adjoining uplands to build stream crossings and dikes along the...
  11. RednekF350

    Mystery Rock Pile

    The only deer season open in that area is winter bow. Of course if you were acting like coyotes or fox there could have been issues. :)
  12. RednekF350

    New Acquisition

    Update: Nearly 4 years later, the ladder stand sections are still waiting on their owner to return in the exact position and condition in which Guy found them.. I was there yesterday looking for coyote and it really looks like the owner would be coming back tomorrow.
  13. RednekF350

    Chatsworth Cemetery

    Bozarth is a very old name throughout the Tabernacle area. It seems that Bozuretown Road is an aka for Bozarthtown. I know a fellow surveyor who was licensed a little after me named Howard J. Bozarth who is based in Tabernacle.
  14. RednekF350

    Look Who's Hiring

  15. RednekF350

    Coyote Town

    I told you my memory is aging. Here is thread from 2007 when EHD was bad along the Mullica.
  16. RednekF350

    Coyote Town

    Jon, I think the dips 2011-2013 could be attributed to a wave of EHD. I don't remember the exact years but it was bad in my area of Wharton about 10 years ago, based on my aging memory.
  17. RednekF350

    Winter weather forecast

    I can judge the humidity by the texture of my Burley tobacco leaves in my garage. This morning I was putting something away and leaves were limp and soft to the touch. When humidity drops, they get as crisp as a potato chip. It likes heat and higher humidity during the color curing but then...
  18. RednekF350

    Finding a property corner

    I sent you and Guy the Lat/Lons for your rear corners calculated form the Geoweb as a start. If you can find the handheld, you can start with those points.
  19. RednekF350

    Finding a property corner

    I once worked on a survey prepared by Conrad Thies who apparently prepared the subdivision plan fom which your lot was created. It was on Turtle Creek Road and man, were those "inaccessible" corners inaccessible !! Most were under water. In your case, as Guy said, he can work with Lat/Lon if...