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    Porsche unveils 911 Dakar, an off-road beast

    Here's a link with lots of photos.
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    Porsche unveils 911 Dakar, an off-road beast

    That Porsche is pretty cool but this monster really might be roaming the Pines very soon.
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    Where is this?

    This isn't exactly Pine Barrens related but it is ugly trailer related. Last autumn as I was driving, I saw something ahead that I knew I just had to get closer to. This trailer was swerving all over the road and was entirely wrapped in Saran Wrap.
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    Finding an Old Book

    I don't know if that book is available but there is a used book store on Route 537 within 1 mile west of the intersection with Rt. 539 named The Book Garden. They have shelves categorized by county, state, regional, historical, first editions and many others. Prices are very reasonable. Plan to...
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    Video's From Saturday

    Teegate, I always enjoy your photos and videos but I especially appreciate your video post titled "Stream Depth". It absolutely terrified me that yet another pine barrens water feature could be so unassuming yet so dangerous. From this web site, I also learned about the sand ledges in some...
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    Preserving rural NJ

    I know it's only a few miles north of the Pine Barrens but this was a major victory for the citizens who want to see a New Jersey that is more green than it is black (as in tarmac)...
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    Bill to allow prescribed burns

    I was in Colliers Mills WMA two days ago and the remnants of a controlled burn were still smoldering. This 7 foot tall trunk must have stood for a long time concentrating it's pine resin as the smoke had that tell tale aroma.
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    There is an elegant house on the property but is not shown in the photos. Bordentown wreaks of history. Clara Barton's schoolhouse is there as well as tributes to Thomas Payne. If you are on the hill at the Bonaparte mansion and look toward the Delaware, there in the mud of the Crosswicks creek...
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    Airships and Lakehurst N.A.S.

    Here's my most recent addition to the collection. With each airship at nearly 700 feet in length, there is still plenty of room inside Lakehurst's Hanger 1. The Shenandoah is on the left, the Los Angeles on the right. For size reference, look at the truck under the tail of the Shenandoah.
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    Where is this?

    There are several monitor wells all around the former BOMARC facility on the BOMARC property, Lakehurst NAS, Fort Dix, and the Colliers Mills WMA that look very similar to the one in the photo above.
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    Relic from Lakehurst N.A.S.

    Thanks for the information. What ever it hauled sure must have been heavy.
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    Relic from Lakehurst N.A.S.

    I recently bought this trailer from a local farmer who said that it has been on the family farm for at least 50 years (in the northern Pine Barrens) and that his father bought it at a government auction at Lakehurst in the 1960's or early 70's. It is either an ammunition trailer or a weapons...
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    Airships and Lakehurst N.A.S.

    Here's the latest airship photo added to the collection. The Hindenburg docked at Hangar 1 is always a spectacular image but what I find interesting in this photo is the hood ornament/radiator cap on the car in the foreground. It looks more elaborate than one you'd find on any run of the mill...
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    Southern Reliability Link Accident

    This house, which is down the street from mine, was destroyed this weekend by pressure drilling to install the 30" pipeline. the location is in southwest Monmouth County, across the street from Burlington County about 1/2 mile away from Ocean County. The poor homeowner, a 77 year old widow...
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    I'd like to know also what your photo setup is. By your description it sounds like a spotting scope with a cell phone adapter. Is that right?
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    Airships and Lakehurst N.A.S.

    Sorry for being vague. Yes, the missile site off Rt. 539. I find it fascinating that two accidents that changed history, occurred, as the crow flies, about 2 miles from each other. The Hindenburg crash put the final nail in the coffin for practical travel by airships. The BOMARC (Boing and...
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    Airships and Lakehurst N.A.S.

    Here is the latest addition to my collection. There are several variations of this photo and it is one of my favorites. The airship Los Angeles tethered outside of Hangar 1. If anybody has any info about the rigid airship history at Lakehurst and/or the BOMARC program, I would like to hear from...
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    Pipelines and the Pinelands

    Reading this article, it now makes sense to me why they are laying the pipe in what seemed to be a very random sequence. They lay a section then cover it over then start a different section a distance away. I've seen them do this at least a half dozen times with none of the sections connected to...
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    Vintage Pinelands Book

    I was recently given this book. Has anyone ever heard of it or seen it before. It seems to be a tremendous reference. No matter what I tried, The 2 photos defaulted lying on their sides.
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    Not Your Pickerel Pines

    Excellent video. Now I cant wait to go through my inventory to identify all of the "unmarked" ones.