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  1. J

    The Upper Batsto

    Wow! Now that is what I call commitment. Shame about all those blowdowns. Curious though, how muddy is 'too muddy for waders'?
  2. J

    So I'm in a documentary

    Ok, so I'm a wicked n00b on this board. But as a fellow musician, know that I think this is VERY cool, Jeff!! I'm at work, but look forward to hearing some of your material when I get home. Always nice to meet a kindred spirit - ya know, someone who plays guitar and apperciates the great...
  3. J

    Revisiting the Rattlesnake

    Wow, cool pictures! Thanks for sharing. I used to keep various snakes back in the 80s, and to me that fellow looks like one happy, well-fed rattler. Off hand would not have guessed there were rattlers down there in the pines, but then again, they're quite common up here in the ridges of CT, MA...
  4. J

    Cedar swamp

  5. J

    My that's a large spider

    Tom sounds like my twin :)
  6. J

    Have ticks always been a problem?

    I agree with Jeff that smooth rubber hip waders are very effective against the stem of ticks and chiggers while out in the wilds. For being such a big, brawny guy, I dont mind snakes at all but will admit a strong adversion to ticks (donno, they just creep me out). So yeah, even in my deepest...
  7. J

    Batsto Africa, a PBX Hike

    Good question - where are these posted? Cuz even though I'm not a local, I'd really like to make the trek down for one of these group hikes, meet y'all, have some fun. Have waders, will travel. :mrgreen:
  8. J

    Legends and Lore: Pine Barrens (NJ) versus Hockomock Swamp (MA)

    Pine Barrens (NJ) versus Hockomock Swamp (MA) As a lifetime Massachusetts resident, one thing that has always fascinated me about the Pine Barrens has been the mystery, legends and folklore associated with them. From the infamous Jersey Devil to aliens, the Barrens seems to have it all...
  9. J

    Batsto Africa, a PBX Hike

    I was also curious about the tick and chigger factor out there. Bad, or manageable? Bill
  10. J

    New name

    That is a great username - one that I'm sorry I didn't think of personally :bear:
  11. J

    The Great Swamp

    Hey everybody Newbie poster here. Lifetime MA resident who's always been fascinated by the NJ Pine Barrens. Actually have driven past em, but never explored! :( Would love to hike the Great Swamp someday, but would prefer to go with someone who knows the lay of the land. Hope to find lots of...
  12. J

    Hiking the Great Swamp Again

    One of these days, I REALLY wanna hike The Great Swamp!!