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    Missing persons search underway for couple who took ATVs into the Pine Barrens in Stafford

    Has anyone ever heard of a cause of death for these two people?? It's been over three months so all autopsy findings should be completed. It just seems so odd nothing was ever released. I contacted The Pine Barrens Tribune and all they said was their reporter had reached out to the police and...
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    An Ode to Odes

    I'm friends with Ed on Facebook and he and his family have moved a few times over the past couple of years. I know work on the book is progressing but these moves must play a factor in how long it's taking. That and Ed's meticulous painting! I was also not out and about over the last two seasons...
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    An Ode to Odes

    If you are thinking about getting into Odes, as your experience progresses, I believe you will find that the wire coil bound NJ guide is a bit limited especially when it comes to the quality and angles of the photos. If you pick up a copy of Paulson's Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East I...
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    Webb's water levels?

    Has anyone been out the Webb's Mill Bog to check on the water levels? The last report I read had the level still over the boardwalk. I'm sure the extended dry spell has brought it down, but are the bad beaver blockages still in the outflow culverts?
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    Sandy Lane Enduro Nov. 29, 2020

    Just an FYI: This event has been canceled
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    Alternative to pepper spray

    i was a daily knife carrier until one time, many years ago, I read an article in the AC Press about NJ knife laws. There were so many confusing and contradictory statements and descriptions in that article that, seeking some clarification, I called the NJ State Police and the officer they put me...
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    Cool bug

    It's a Giant Water Bug aka Toe Biter. We've had them come into the lights when we're doing Moth Nights at Franklin Parker Preserve.
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    Auto racing fans

    I had the privilege of meeting him years ago when he was the grand marshal at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and still have my program and poster that he autographed.
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    Closing West Mill Road

    Since the court case for the above poster's ticket was 8/8, is there an update on the case?
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    This effects us all

    In my little SNJ town, we not only have crosswalks at the corner of each block, but also mid-block. Jaywalking is rampant and nothing is ever done to inhibit the practice. When a crosswalk is used, so many times I've seen people step into them without so much as a glance at traffic. The worst...
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    Alleged vandals arrested at N.J. landmark closed due to vandalism

    I never did hear the outcome of this. Does anyone know any follow up info, outcome of the hearing, fines, etc??
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    Those Brits are smart folks

    And how's your investment portfolio doing these days?
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    Pine Barren Distillery

    I would think the iron in Pine Barren water would not make a good for a Bourbon. I don't believe there are any stills that utilize peat as a heat source anymore in Scotland or Ireland. The malted barely is still dried over peat fires depending on the region of Scotland with Islay having the...
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    Richland rescue

    I'd love to know the story behind this misadventure!
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    An expensive tow! (Not NJ)
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    Christie declares State of Emergency

    What got me was the number of events that canceled due to the state of emergency. I read "in accordance with" and "because of" the state of emergency in quite a few cancellation notices whereas there was absolutely NO mention in the declaration that events should be canceled. Wheaton held their...
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    River reports?

    Thanks for all the replies concerning water levels....BUT......I was specifically concerned with blow downs and other obstructions on the four rivers I asked about based on any attempted runs this year. "what the conditions were regarding blow downs and other obstructions that would require...
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    River reports?

    I was wondering if anyone had been on some recent runs down the Oswego, Wading, Batsto, or Mullica Rivers and what the conditions were regarding blow downs and other obstructions that would require carry arounds. With all the snow, I'm sure some trees must have come down over the winter. Thanks...
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    Gay Gardeners of NJ, New Facebook group

    "You special interests groups need to make up your mind." Really!! It would be like if there was special interest group or page that was formed for folks that appreciate the NJ Pine Barrens! LOL!