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    That road is visible in 1965. so was not created by forestry project in the 90s.
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    Road Closure

    Not surprised have seen many side rds off Hampton that are blocked to motor vehicles
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    Guess Who ?

    You mean like the stakeholders that have not been reached out to at all.wait sorry only one from that group has been contacted much is the cost to get one of your own to sit in the seat of power in Trenton?
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    Guess Who ?

    Funny, if you go one actual dep press release about wharton roads flooding it says that if you have a improperly equipped vehicle you can get is deeper than the water on the roads what rob and ppa have in mind now about any motorized is spouting that more is to come.
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    Has anyone been on Batsto-Fireline Rd...

    Passed locks bridge has some large but manageable puddles if you know how to drive in the pines.4x4 definitely a must.
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    Artesian well north of Lower Forge

    No hours limit in NJ state Forest.nj fgw is dawn to dusk.
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    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    They have another one coming next year that I am definitely a no vote on
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    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Not sure exactly how much it was but it was the funds for maintenance for state parks.
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    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    The open space question on ballot few years back. all pushed by keep it green group but they left out how by voting yes would take the funds from parks and give it to them instead.i believe it was 80 million dollars per year.
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    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Maybe if we were not tricked into giving kig group parks funds in that theft vote few year's ago they would have the money to build them.
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    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Interesting the pinelands commission had no problem with the clear cut of Washington turnpike for fire safety but have issue with 16 acres of non native tree's being clear cut.
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    You Decide

    He is done at the state lakes they made it to hard for him to operate so I'm sure wontwbe long till the snakes slither in just as they wanted to do all along.
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    Beaver Dams

    Nj dot removed a huge beaver dam off rt 30 near ancora bridge last week
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    Bridge at old bog at Clark Branch

    That is the old road from parkdale.
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    Bridge at old bog at Clark Branch

    Old sycamore road
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    The Death Of A Pine Barren Explorer

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Firebreak Permit Proposal

    On robs original map all closed roads were listed as firebreaks on the internal office map
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    Pinelands firebreaks permit requirement sparks concern

    Got my radar up thats for sure
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    Jackson Road Closed

    Love ladies lake?
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    PPA Rallying The Troops For Commission Appointment

    yes very small area of wharton is in winslow