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    Trashy pines

    every time i take my dad for a ride in the woods, we bring a few bags, and we also have the bed of my ranger.. we are never at a loss for stuff to pick up.. i just do not understand it.. the good news is, the deeper you go into the woods (and off the main roads), it does get better, but you...
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    Bitten by a dog (DOG BITE PHOTO)

    sorry for your dog incident LIP. that shouldn't happen to anyone. looks you had a nice puncture wound.. you said it bit you on your "box and wrist".. is your box your backside ?
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    A New Collection of Old Photo

    this is a great thread.. thanks !
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    new CVS on Rt 206 (Tabernacle)

    I'm sure many of you passing through, or living in tabernacle know where i'm talking about. it's right across from the Tabernacle Inn. my question is, how is the world did they get permission to clear so many pine trees ? they literally "clear cut" that area.. i think it looks like crap. you...
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    camping at Bass River SF

    redneck - thanks for the tips. since about age 21, i haven't been able to fish w/ live minnows.. i'll use dead cut bait, or lures, but the minnow thing to me just doesn't work. i end up not enjoying the fishing. we'll try our hands at cat fishing saturday night. i forgot about chicken...
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    camping at Bass River SF

    hello all, headed to bass river state forest for 2 nights of camping. haven't been there since I was 12. We stayed in the lean to's. this time, we'll be tent camping. i remember there being really good night time cat fishing there.. does that still apply ? I had a pickerel on my line as...
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    Sunday Trek

    i never knew we had lizards in the pine barrens.. where do they reside in the winter ? they certainly must hunker down somewhere .. now i'll have to look for them..
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    NJ Forest Fire service

    where have these fires been mostly ? my parents live in tabernacle, and i'm home almost every wkend . i haven't seen anything.. and that's prime forest area..
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    NJ Forest Fire service

    check out this link : it says we've had 325 forest fires already, in 2008 ? are they counting conrolled burns ? and already 400+ acres burned ? i know there is someone on this site that works for them. perhaps...
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    question.. i never realized this till just now.. i knew the oswego river went from oswego lake to harrissville lake. however, after looking on the map, in one of the back corners of oswego lake, there is a stream coming into it / going out of it (i'm not sure which).. i followed it on the...
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    Batona Trail hike

    that might be a good start.
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    Another movie about the Jersey Devil.

    that picture of the devil's lair ? where is that ?
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    Batona Trail hike

    the title says it all.. I want to hike the entire thing ! (before it gets too buggy).. what's the best way to do this ? i'd prefer (b/c of life's inconveniences) to do it as several long single day outings. anyone interested ? i've never hiked a yard of it before. - Bob
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    Rail Machine

    I love trains.. i've always wanted to go for a ride in the engine of a freight train.. pulling some cars of course, so i could feel it "hook up"...
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    Recreation in the Pines... My thoughts

    Ben, I had requested (as well) to keep this thread open. I regret it now.. it's simply back and forth with some ppl (IMO) "Playing dumb" about stuff.. it's the same questions, give me examples, where? sob stories. frankly, reading these latest posts ruined my "after work" beer. I say...
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    Recreation in the Pines... My thoughts

    yea.. AND you're damaging the forest.. live or dead (The tree). something could have been living in that tree - now you just used it for a roadblock.. :rolleyes:
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    Recreation in the Pines... My thoughts

    that's a question i'd like answered.. esp, considering, if you talk to any forest service worker (from a grunt to a warden.. in my case), they say they have no problem w/ legal riders riding the fire breaks.. they're fun, could be easily maintained, are pre-existing (made by the forest fire...
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    Brew your own beer?

    i'll go canoeing / kayaking.. but if there's one mention of ORV's in the pines (pro's or anti's), someone is going in the drink.. and i'm not talking about beer.. :rofl:
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    Recreation in the Pines... My thoughts

    have it in brendan byrne state forest.. and invite corzine as the guest of dishonor . :rofl:
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    Native American Shell Middens

    i've seen random shells in the pine barrens before.. it always confused me..