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  1. Wick

    Recent shots

    Love the one with the moon rising over the cedars!!!
  2. Wick

    A Huge Stone And Isotria Verticillata

    Was that the horse skeleton tied to a tree on Tuckerton Railroad by the Middle branch of Forked River? My friend has one for a Hallween prop too.
  3. Wick

    2023 WMA Closures

    In Greenwood the two spots are known for partying and offroading
  4. Wick

    2023 WMA Closures

    Yes, 3 rd year in a row for Parkers Pit Area in Greenwood WMA
  5. Wick

    Where is this?

    This one by Forked River Mountain?
  6. Wick

    All-Terrain Vehicle Problem

    The cleared area Bob proppses for use has a lot of positives for a ORV park. First the land is already cleared. There are no water sources within or in the boundries of the property. There are no spungs, swamps, or marshes just lots of gravel, sand, and some pine trees that are slowly growing...
  7. Wick

    Old bottles

    When we did not have the tap we would cut the top off at the neck and use a laddle. But the best was out in Bamber there was a guy who painted a bunch of beer balls different colrs and hung them in huge pine tree in front of his house for Christmas
  8. Wick

    Derelict Houses on Indian Cabin Road, Egg Harbor City, NJ

    They are just old houses and the floor is rotted through in both of them. I fell through one of the floors! There is a lot of garbage outside but inside they are not tagged up by spray paint and devil symbols like other places
  9. Wick

    Where is this?

    Yes! But for the record, I said bomb looking thing.
  10. Wick

    Landing Gear

    If anyone is interested in checking out the landing gear now is a good time. The recent burn cleared all the brush from the top of the hill to the very edge of the swamp. It is easy walking with no underbrush or briars to tear you apart. I am not sure exactly when they burned it, but there were...
  11. Wick

    Where is this?

    Is it one of the hills on the way into the entrance of Warren Grove bombing range? If you park on the right where that bomb looking thing is in the puddle. You can walk to another sandy pit and have some nice views. If you keep going further you get to the top of another nice hill which is tall...
  12. Wick

    Where is this?

    The pic looks like spring hill but I am not aware of any structures there
  13. Wick

    Where is this?

    Something near the bathrooms on Bear swamp hill?
  14. Wick

    Controlled burn in Wharton State Forest

    They controlled burned the field out front last week
  15. Wick

    Texas Tower #4

    Suprised that can dosent have a pull tab
  16. Wick

    Environmentalists seek to rein in ATVs amidst fears of damage to Gravelly Run

    Sometimes in the water of the gravel pits
  17. Wick

    Landing Gear

    It is pretty full of stickers until you get into the swamp
  18. Wick

    Goshen in Camden or Burlington?

    Too many things going on here with these mills and dams for me to follow
  19. Wick

    Military Fox Hole

    Like Bob said, There is nothing discernible there. I went there 2 days after it was burned by the county/state. It is next to a trail that takes you to the Tuckerton Railroad. The trail it seems was used as the fire break. It is close to the stream and on a slight hill. Maybe it was an old...
  20. Wick

    Finding a property corner

    Thanks RedneckF350, The corners of the proprty are not underwater. But this area is just a maze of briars, thorns and holly trees. It would be like the tanks blasting through the hedgerows in Normandy