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  1. tsqurd

    It’s back: Khov @ Heritage Minerals

    Hovnanian resurects plan to build 4,000 homes in Manchester.
  2. tsqurd

    Greenwood fire

    Just read their is a major fire in Greenwood, about 100 acres now but expected to grow. Manchester was mentioned, does anyone know a more precise location?
  3. tsqurd

    Rocket Launch Sunday

    Antares rocket scheduled to launch from Wallops this Sunday about 8:03PM.
  4. tsqurd

    Unusual Sighting in Greenwood

    Was scoping out some hunting spots today and came across an unexpected road closure. Any guesses why this road was closed?
  5. tsqurd

    PPA beating the drum again

    Oh boy. Another piece from Mr. Howell, highlighting the familiar Jemima mount, evil Jeeps, etc. The pine snake even gets more press. Now they are looking to "establish a culture-wide land ethic" to protect the pines from damage which "In some areas... is akin to industrial mining in scope and...
  6. tsqurd

    DEP evaluating pay to access WMAs

    Buried at the end of the article, but the research team "will evaluate if there is a willingness of the public to pay for usage of the areas". Wonder what this means for the hunters that already paid for the WMAs...