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    Yea, 77 on document and 83 on the viewer :)
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    Dry Forest

    Had a few raindrops in Atco, that’s it. A friend of my daughter said her basement in Haddon Heights was flooded.
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    That was me years ago. Go for a motorcycle ride in the woods, take a break and sit trailside, then wonder later how I got these rashes. Yea I‘m a slow learner LoL
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    Which Weather Apps?

    They probably have an app but I use accuweather off web for Doppler radar. Plays past few hours and guestimates the next few. Use it because it seems to load faster than others.
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    Dry Forest

    Missed another one, been pretty dry here. Nothing substantial forecast for the next week either. At least we get a nice break in temps!
  6. enormiss

    Dry Forest

    Never got more than a sprinkle here either.
  7. enormiss

    Dry Forest

    Poured leaving Phila, nothing at home. Looks like another band north and west of 1st might give me some.
  8. enormiss

    boydsmaps on a phone without cell service

    I’m a user and believer in gps/maps without service. I just got back from WV and I could sit in camp and plan the next days sites and look at routes. Everyone else needed but didn’t have service. I just don’t get out much, or do enough, in the pines anymore. So I didn’t vote.
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    Funnel cloud seen in Ocean County town Tuesday afternoon

    Tried again and now get a pop-up to subscribe
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    Atco Dragway to permanently close after 63 years in NJ, all remaining events for 2023 canceled

    My dart at the wall guesses IAA bought it figuring the township will change their tune with now reduced tax collection. NJCF or similar
  11. enormiss

    Atco Dragway to permanently close after 63 years in NJ, all remaining events for 2023 canceled
  12. enormiss

    Pine Barren History Shorts

    LoL I did the same thing, different site, and came up with $913
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Ouch, that's a lot of money then
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    Camden County gets $19M toward building 34-mile trail starting at Ben Franklin Bridge

    I'm all for bike trails, used them for transportation before I was old enough to drive and enjoy them for recreation now. BUT that rendering of a swing bridge is an absurd waste of funding. That waterway doesn't go anywhere so no need to swing. And you could get away without a bridge at all by...
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    Smokey D. Bear Traveling Artwork Exhibit

    Wish I wasn't working... Today would have been a good day to visit, art and a concert. Caught a concert by chance once after a ferry ride
  16. enormiss

    Around Wharton Today

    Tame tire treads for a mudder, maybe park police?
  17. enormiss

    Dry Forest

    Not sure how much rain but I got a lot, and almost grape sized hail. edit - .92" per NWS guage
  18. enormiss

    Dry Forest

    Finally a long slow soak, and more forecast over the next several days...