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    The Slag Heap

    Phew! Bye all.
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    Burlington Island and Jessup's Grove

    I am now in touch with the widow of the island's caretaker of 45 years if anyone has questions. I will find out the years involved.
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    Lehigh Valley

    I agree, second from last photo is great! My maternal grandfather came from there, Mauch Chunk then, of course. Very interesting area. All the roads in the area come down into town, just like a funnel.
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    First Robins of the year

    Around here, robins stay all winter nowadays. Just like the messy Canadian geese. When I was a kid, you would only see geese in Spring and Fall. Must be due to the global warming.
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    Daytime Wandering's

    Poor dog has no tail! Neat looking. Official dog of Buckingham Palace. Great pets.
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    Rt. 70 Road Trip

    What we call hoagies here are known in some areas as zeppelins. I always thought that a neat name!
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    Circuit City goes under.....

    Their demise started years ago when they dropped white goods and their service department. In my area, you would go in, for years, and the salesmen would be off in the corner talking. Very difficult to get any assistance. Then when Best Buy moved in across the road, it became a ghost town. As...
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    Ocean County poised for Forked River Mountains purchase

    Bob and Scott, Both excellent posts! Excellent outlooks. I'm almost 70 and hope to keep going for many more years. Whenever I meet people of age, I love to hear their stories. I have found that in most cases, they are only too eager to do so. The ones that don't, well maybe they have nothing of...
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    Small Tavern/Restaurant looking for skilled Bartender (Chatsworth, NJ)

    Ouch also, because it hit a nerve! I had a helper years ago that lived right near there on one of those little side streets off 72 and...most of his teeth were missing! And he was only in his twenties.
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    Tuesday with Alfie

    Jerseyman, Correct! Thanx. When posting, I was a little doubtful. I love the shingled parts of those houses and thankfully, that style is popular again! At least, they look like a "home" instead of some architect's "experiment. e.g: Many on LBI!
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    Tuesday with Alfie

    A very interesting late, shingle trimmed, Victorian house due to the angled entrance. A pity that it probably has no future; what a place it must have been.
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    Burlington Island and Jessup's Grove

    Jerseyman, Great photos, thanx! In the retirement community where I live, many of the inmates, er, residents vividly remember the amusement park. Going over there was quite the adventure, especially considering that at that time, most of Bristol's residents were factory workers. Some young lads...
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    Burlington Island and Jessup's Grove

    Jerseyman, As you no doubt know, the boatyard in Harriman closed shortly after the end of WWI. At that time, Harriman was a separate town from Bristol. It had it's own fire and police departments, etc. Harriman went bankrupt, so to speak, and was annexed by Bristol. Today, it is a very nice...
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    Garmin GPS V Lockup Problem

    Perhaps I'm the only one here to have this model Garmin, but if you do or know someone who does, a recent firmware update, v 2.60 takes care of the problem with the WAAS lockup.
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    Burlington Island and Jessup's Grove

    As a current resident of Bristol who can see the island from his front window, perhaps I can add a small bit of information. I know the widow of the gentleman who was in charge of the water pumps on the island for many years. When living in Bristol during the 70's, I remember them going back and...
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    November and December Hikes

    Great photos with excellent perspectives. Thanx!
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    Barney gets re-lit!

    LARGO, It was nice seeing you and your family. I warmed up at Kubel's and when I left there at 7 PM, there was not a car in sight. Still plenty of cops though, that's LBI! Whack the visitors who are going to spend money. No fireworks? Guess they didn't want to set the beach and jetty on fire...
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    Happy New Year !!!!!

    I guess the puppy was asleep!
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    Happy New Year !!!!!

    Happy New Year to you and thanx for all the great photos. I can tell that you are going to have one fine doggie there!
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    Sorry conditions off Jackson Rd

    dragoncjo, Thanx for posting that. Meetings such as that are experiences you will remember the rest of your life.