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  1. RednekF350

    Hot Mail !

    It looks very cool tonight. Still a few flare ups a hundred or so yards in. Thankfully the Forest Fire Service is increasing the frequency of the burns here. We were just burned about 3 years ago. When I first moved here in ‘84 it seemed like a much longer interval, like 8 or 9 years.
  2. RednekF350

    Hot Mail !

    Controlled burns today down here in P'town. Another 5' and I wouldn't have to pay my utility bills this month ! !
  3. RednekF350

    NY Pine Barrens threatened.

    Another large tract much further to the east Boyd. Long Island State Pine Barrens Presererve. Where's Long Island Piney when you need him ?? :)
  4. RednekF350

    Barry Zeldin Podcast

    I agree with that Bob. That area is one of the toughest in the pines. If one was just plowing through the dense vegetation, without a trail and without a GPS or compass, it would be very easy to get hopelessly lost. The density of the growth up there would make exhaustion a factor pretty quickly...
  5. RednekF350

    ATV riders taunted cops who busted huge, rowdy Pinelands party. That didn’t end well for them.

    I try conduct all of my mayhem whilst under the radar. And I always pick up my empties. And my shell casings. :D
  6. RednekF350

    ATV riders taunted cops who busted huge, rowdy Pinelands party. That didn’t end well for them.

    True Pineys just enjoying some fresh air, a couple 40's and a little mayhem. :mad:
  7. RednekF350

    Old Hidden Gun Club

    I was in a local gun club in the 80's and 90's and we had a porta-pot with the bottom of the holding tank cut out. The perimeter rested on block and it sat over a hole in the ground. We kept a sealed metal trash can outside of it filled with pulverized lime and a hand scoop. "Take a poop, use...
  8. RednekF350

    NJFW Fisheries Forum at Batsto February 22, 2020

    Enjoy !!
  9. RednekF350

    New Acquisition

    Good. Take your time. I'll be in AC the next two days at the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors Conference for my continuing education credits. I'll be seeing only a few of the remaining old school surveyors like myself who are gray in the muzzle and long in the tooth but who can...
  10. RednekF350

    New Acquisition

    Guy, If you would like, send me a copy of the survey with the complete title block. Highlight the misinterpreted monuments and I would be happy to contact the other surveyor as a professional courtesy. That error is serious and would be 8' or more at every location where they made that mistake...
  11. RednekF350

    Travel along the old stage route from philly to egg harbor?

    Well you should. You were born around the same time weren't you ? :D
  12. RednekF350

    Travel along the old stage route from philly to egg harbor?

    Boyd, Making those maps seamless and dragable (Is that a word ?) was a monumental task. Now, the goal that the original poster has set is more attainable than it has ever been by using these maps. Having the ability to toggle between so many different maps when your placemark is being held by...
  13. RednekF350

    Another Pines Plains Hike !! UPDATE

    Just received an email that the NJDEP has added a second hike for the following day, Sunday February 9, 2020. Same time 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Apparently the response for the first one was substantial and it has filled up already. Who knew burnt sticks were this fascinating ?
  14. RednekF350

    Another Pines Plains Hike !! UPDATE

    Saw this today in my email. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has not been through the Plains. It's a different world out there. My only concern would be that 6 miles in three hours is a pretty good clip for a mixed group. It might look like the scene when Clark Griswold and his son...
  15. RednekF350

    Two South Jersey sod farms see opportunity in youth soccer tournaments. One town loves it, the other is fighting it.

    Well, the crawl and gnashing through the Pinelands gauntlet of regulations for the Gardners should go smoothly. I see that they hired William F. Harrison Esq.. Harrison was the Assistant Commissioner of the Pinelands Commission for twenty years. I think the current Commissioners should recognize...
  16. RednekF350

    If you have never...

    My wife heard a pack light up yesterday morning across the street right after I had left for work. We have invisible fence for our dog but I can't get the coyotes to put a collar on. :) Seriously, I am concerned with letting our dog out at night and early a.m. I turn on all of our outside...
  17. RednekF350

    Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

    Ahh-Hahhh ! Vindication at last ! :)
  18. RednekF350

    Cold pizza

    I will give the pizza guy a little sympathy. At least he was in the right general area and trying to make a buck, before he wandered off into the woods, warm pizza in hand. Any person who is alive enough to fog a mirror, departing from a geographic point anywhere in New Jersey, should have...
  19. RednekF350

    Old Hidden Gun Club

    Cool find Guy and Jess ! The trap tag looks new. They're copper and weather pretty slowly. The cable looks pretty fresh too. I usually boil mine in baking soda first so they dull up a little. Depending on the background woods colors, I'll dip them in Speed Dip to darken them. One clue as to...
  20. RednekF350

    Champion & Heritage Trees in NJ Calendar

    Geeez.. I would've taken it. :)