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  1. freerider

    Smallest lot in the pines???????

    Still out here......
  2. freerider

    Pine Plains Today

    Shhhhhh PPA will ban people here soon.
  3. freerider

    Shop keeper wanted; must love Pine Barrens

    Someone say freerider? I'm still enjoying the east plains ......
  4. freerider

    Park Police

    ........full body scanners coming to pine barrens.......all will be feelin safe then......lets not forget your ID card.
  5. freerider

    Attention NJ Forest Fire Service

    Get rid of the range? Come on now. Where will the drones be launched from? Just go and make trenches and burn around the homes leave the other areas alone!
  6. freerider

    Martial law implementation?
  7. freerider

    Attention NJ Forest Fire Service

    I admire the desire to contact the state about these concerns. I have brought matters of concern to DEP and local Concervation folks, including the illegal and dangerous shooting and I was told to mind my own business and stay out of the area. When I asked for DEP to pick up all the trash I...
  8. freerider

    Attention NJ Forest Fire Service

    I know....hey if any body is down my way can you check to see if I closed my windows.....
  9. freerider

    Attention NJ Forest Fire Service

    Let the Pines be as they were meant they can take care of themselves. The forest guys should go protect the land around someones home. Otherwise keep your hands off the Pines.
  10. freerider


    The oil industry maintains the exports are necessary because domestic demand is weak. The industry says if refiners could not send American-made gasoline to China, India, Europe, and South America, the refineries would have to close as several have already done on ...
  11. freerider

    The Sarracenia Flava was Fleeced (Trumpet Pitcher Plant)

    Would be good if the discussions here could be only for memers to view and also if the forum conversation didnt appear in a google or other searches.
  12. freerider

    State finds gold in them there pines..... SYNOPSIS Establishes program authorizing lease of historic buildings and structures in State parks, forests, and wildlife management areas. .
  13. freerider

    Battling beetles in Pinelands

    The state cares......they realize there is gold in them there pines.......some corporation will step in with money and promises of preservation and giant fields of solar panels.........and of course fees/taxes and permits for those who explore the pines daily...... And homeland security cameras...
  14. freerider

    The Sarracenia Flava was Fleeced (Trumpet Pitcher Plant)

    While I agree that the assault upon the pines continues and am disapointed with this event. There are biggers issues brewing that are of much greater harm to the Pines and many other natural areas. Soon a decision will be made to keep all of us out of the majority of the Pine Barrens as most...
  15. freerider

    WTB small lots

    I am seeking to purchase primative lots buildable or non buildable in Ocean or Burlington county 1.5 acres or less landlocked OK. Prefer areas not surounded by housing and may be part of WMA/preservation locale. Thanks, Contact me privately.
  16. freerider

    Forest Fires and Survival

    Yup thats some of the images I am looking to capture in next fire. The controlled burns I have been at didnt seem to Create much new growth. I am hoping the area with the crowberry by the range will be burned hot this year.
  17. freerider

    Forest Fires and Survival

    There are many areas that need a big hot burn some are overwhelmed with oak or fuel on the ground. Would love to get some better picks of fire aftermath.
  18. freerider

    Forest Fires and Survival

    I keep marshmellows on hand when I live in the pines......and sleep with a smoke alarm. Was caught in a fire 20 years ago that burned near dover rd Bamber lake area...... I had been living in my car for a time..... No matter which way I went there was fire I drove my way out eventually.
  19. freerider

    ACE Property/Holly Orchard Development?

    ......Hey I will address that remark in my manifesto