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  1. gipsie

    What new things would you like to see here?

    This site is pretty darn good without any changes!!! I love stopping in when I am looking for info. Most of the time I do not need to ask a question because all the info is already here! I do miss the image gallery and would love to see some form of that return if it is not too much trouble...
  2. gipsie

    Atsion Mansion Photos

    In the first picture the woman with blue shorts is Melisa (I think she was Mellie on here). If she was there at that time, I think I remember being there for this....
  3. gipsie

    Member "Frolickin" Has Passed Away

    I am sorry to hear this. I have not been geocaching much and a while back I decided to go for a FTF for the hell of it and ran into him there. We had some fun looking for the cache and catching up on the "old days". This is a shame.
  4. gipsie


    This is exactly what I was thinking. I have seen that exact socket on a bunch of poles in my grandmothers shed years ago. They were various tools such as brooms and mops.
  5. gipsie


    That was my thought as well.
  6. gipsie

    Hey! Look what I found

    Oops. I should probably wear my glasses.... thanks Boyd!!!!
  7. gipsie

    Hey! Look what I found

    Hey Jeff! I can not see the photo, what am I doing wrong ? I guess I should come on more often! :D
  8. gipsie

    Shoreline Challenge

    Oh yeah. Not only is their home owners policy a lot they have to add flood insurance on top of that. It does not seem to be a big deal to them, but it is all relative. They buy a 10 year old home for 5 million, tear it down because it is not what they want and then spend another 5 million to...
  9. gipsie

    Shoreline Challenge

    This always amazes me. I did an insurance survey for several homes in LBI a couple weeks ago. Some of these homes sit 300-500 feet from both the ocean and the bay. And their elevation is 5 feet or less. Yet the houses I inspected were new constructions that were several million dollars each...
  10. gipsie

    MyCoast: New Jersey

    Hey Boyd! How have I not found this before? This is exactly what I need for work. HazardHub turned out to be a real pain in the neck and finding FEMA flood zones was starting to get to be pretty difficult. This is a HUGE help! Thank you!
  11. gipsie

    Is Hermann all but gone?

    A little further east from the hotel are the ruins of a glassworks and town from the late 1800s. The hotel was the old Sooy homestead which was turned into the Hermann City Hotel. The town itself was short lived, but the hotel remained for quite some time, eventually being turned into a boarding...
  12. gipsie

    Sound In The Burn Area

    Definitely sounds like a pine bark beetle. Aren't they super destructive?
  13. gipsie

    Old Church located behind the Harding Lakes area of Mays Landing, NJ

    Which side of the lakes are you talking about? Off Crocus or on the other side with all the smaller homes. There is a lot of homes on the latter but waaay back it was pretty undeveloped and I believe Reading Ave was actually part of the Seashore Lines. I am trying to picture where there could...
  14. gipsie

    An Extra Day Off

    I am thinking it may be a northern redbelly. Not 100% sure though.
  15. gipsie

    Finding an Old Book

    I am a little late to this and I apologize but I thought I might chime in. There is a used book store in AC that specializes in rare local books. He may have, or have a way of getting, what you are looking for. Sometimes he is a little expensive, but a good book is worth what you are willing...
  16. gipsie

    Steelman's Tavern (located on other side of "Grigsby's" on the Mays Landing-Summerspoint Road in Mays Landing

    Hey Al!!! It is crazy how this state is so controlling. I went to Fort Howard in Maryland and they let you climb, explore, crawl under, all the old buildings/bunkers with no restriction. It was wild. I left muddy and completely happy!
  17. gipsie

    Steelman's Tavern (located on other side of "Grigsby's" on the Mays Landing-Summerspoint Road in Mays Landing

    I know the harassment of rocks is always a problem and I wish they would just stop! All kidding aside though, the more I look at this, the more it seems it is part of the Preserve. I think I have a couple inspections in that area tomorrow and will see if the sign is still there and try to et...
  18. gipsie

    Steelman's Tavern (located on other side of "Grigsby's" on the Mays Landing-Summerspoint Road in Mays Landing

    From what I am able to see on the property records, there are two possibilities depending on whether my coordinates are correct or not. If it was in the smaller parcel of land, that was and still is privately owned. If it is in the larger parcel that is a little bit north of my coordinates, it...
  19. gipsie

    Steelman's Tavern (located on other side of "Grigsby's" on the Mays Landing-Summerspoint Road in Mays Landing

    Hey Boyd! Long time! So here is a screenshot I have of the area where the sign was.... I am pretty sure I even have the coordinates somewhere. The address is right around 5033 SP/ML Rd. I will check for the coordinates and get back to you. What you have is the correct area, but it may have...