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  1. Kevinhooa

    The Sex Plant / Sex Shop

    I believe that was the old Betz Labs building, which can is written about in this great thread. Not to be confused with the other switch just down the tracks facing the other direction.
  2. Kevinhooa

    Faint Road from Staffordville to Woodmansie

    Lots of pinstriping to be had out that way. I actually had a bit of my arms and legs pinstriped a week or two ago from all of the spikey young cones on the trees.
  3. Kevinhooa

    Faint Road from Staffordville to Woodmansie

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
  4. Kevinhooa

    Flickr users

    Thanks for the info. I've only been using it as personal storage for the last year or so, but I have a lot of history on there I guess I would like to hang on to.
  5. Kevinhooa

    Faint Road from Staffordville to Woodmansie

    This is kind of an oddball question I guess, and maybe there's some history to this. I spend a lot of my free time just following old roads on Satellite photos, then on foot, and then back again on satellite photos. I've learned a lot over the years, and it seems the landscape is always...
  6. Kevinhooa

    I've been working on the railroads

    Thanks for that info on the crash and the bldg Jerseyman. I always wondered what the name of that place was. Do you know what the did at Betz? What a rough time for the CNJ. It would be less then a year before they filed for bankruptcy for the 3rd time.
  7. Kevinhooa

    Nescochague berry feeder canal

    Thanks for the additional info. I saw a bit of deer sign as well, especially in the more concentrated areas of the swamps that had a bit of sand. Although more rare for Jersey, I always picture a huge monster buck walking out in front of me when I come across the fresh big tracks in the sand in...
  8. Kevinhooa

    Nescochague berry feeder canal

    An interesting area for sure. Had to be quite a project and impressive how well it's held up after all these years. Good bits of information in that thread Guy. The puddles you encountered near West Mill were mainly why I chose the route that I did on the West side of Nesco Creek. Following...
  9. Kevinhooa

    Nescochague berry feeder canal

    So this has been on the to-do list for quite a long time now, and another thanks to pinelandspaddler for the info back in 2008. The ultimate goal of this trip was to not only follow the canal, but to hopefully find some of the Batsto glassworks ruins that were dumped into the creek to help...
  10. Kevinhooa

    Who else goes hiking with their dog?

    Great hearing everyone's experiences. My dog loves hiking and is usually a good travel buddy when he stays away from the mud! I've learned to bring towels over the years if he decides to explore the swampy areas. I took him last year on a Batona hike and he did great but pulled a bit as we were...
  11. Kevinhooa

    Where is this?

    There are only a few locations like that on the CNJ in those parts where there is a decent amount of newer ballast covering the original cinder roadbed. There is also a neat hidden "relic" of sorts hidden near that same spot. Evidence that I saw that pointed to a past derailment which would show...
  12. Kevinhooa

    1913 Hampton Park Map

    Yes, I see only 1 "bridge" there today, or that's at least what it looks like to me. Unless the canal was moved? Seems unlikely though.
  13. Kevinhooa

    Weymouth Furnace, Bethlehem Loading Company, and Estell Manor PArk

    Blasphemy vines, aka swear vines, aka greenbriar... There's a lot of it in some of the more low lying sections here. Look for the deer trails and runs throughout. They are good at finding the best paths as some of the buildings have a little bit of higher ground with different vegetation growing...
  14. Kevinhooa

    Eco-Terrorism in the Pines

    To clarify, the blockage I took down with my helmet on my head was not installed by the power company. Someone was apparently using the ROW to steal stuff from other peoples homes in the area and they put up some heavy test to keep them away or possibly hurt them. It was just below my headlight...
  15. Kevinhooa

    1913 Hampton Park Map

    Guy, Thanks for sharing. The bridges with the pink arrow pointing to them... could they be the big concrete culvert pipes that exist there today up on the higher ground? I just drove down that road to riders switch the other day. Picked up quite a bit of trash along the way, but mostly on the...
  16. Kevinhooa

    Eco-Terrorism in the Pines

    Unfortunately it seems to resurface every now and then. I myself have taken down a couple of fishing lines down a power line ROW in Mullica about 5 years ago, and dug up a bunch of bent and welded spikes behind the Country Cupboard on Sailor Boy Rd about 10-15 years ago. I saw a post online...
  17. Kevinhooa

    Snow on the Skit Branch

    Excellent work. It was a beautiful morning, and a nice last hurrah for winter I guess! There was one patch of clouds that kept the sun from burning off so much snow and it let me get to the Ive's Branch for a quick photo before work.
  18. Kevinhooa

    I've been working on the railroads

    Looks a lot like the Muskee Creek Trestle on the old Maurice River Branch. It's a cool area. There's another one on Little Mill Creek as well. The tracks were kept in place to get to an old sand shipper near Dorchester (Whitehead maybe?). If I remember right those rails haven't seen a train...
  19. Kevinhooa

    Walkers Forge Mansion

    Spung-man's white arrow location is what I had always thought was the forge area. I explored it years ago, and although I found several pieces of ironstone, some rather large, I could not locate any forge slag, and came to the conclusion I would have to continue the search in other parts of the...
  20. Kevinhooa

    Couple of Batona Trail Questions

    One thing that saved us twice was having two dogs on this hike. We always confirmed a blaze before heading down a junction but sometimes the dogs seemingly picked up the scent of the previous folks on the trail and were already 10-20+ yards ahead before we figured it out. This was while mostly...