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    Anyone recognize this?

    Kinda stumbled upon this site in Atlantic County... not sure where Old Half Way is....
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    The call of the wild

    Sounds like fodder for a new song !
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    some Herps from S. Jersey...

    Bob is retired... and bored. But he's adjusting.
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    some Herps from S. Jersey...

    Thought I'd throw some pics up from 9-11-07 since i haven't posted in a while... these pics were taken with dragoncjo, BobAssetto and bobbleton... Love the herp diversity... Eastern Worm Snake spotted turtle Hatchling snapping turtle Eastern Mud Turtle Male eastern Box Turtle
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    Pine Snake Monitoring

    Since it's private property and they can do what they want... there is no other alternative... or is there? Relocation is better than nothing I suppose.
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    Pine Snake Monitoring

    good point
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    Pine Snake Monitoring

    Wow, a poachers delight... They could've kept the location out of the article. :(
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    For the herpers

    New Jersey has a herp atlas that is pretty good for Jersey specifically. Fish and Wildlife sells it.
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    Some spotted turtles

    Few more spotted turtles... and a painted... and a worm snake.
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    What dangerous animals live in the pines?

    So what brand name includes permethrin?
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    Panther sighting ?

    It was bigfoot.
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    For the herpers

    Nice snake...been a few years for me!
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    beautiful day today

    Unfortunately, there is a black market value for everything.:(
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    All I used to remember going up hearing is "Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever". Where did these new diseases come from? Or do we just now have the ability to isolate and diagnose. Two years ago my wife and I went to the Dominican Republic, stayed at an all inclusive resort that sprayed nightly for...
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    So what are you doing for Valentines Day?

    Clever post and great pictures. My wife hates the cold so any forays to the outdoors would be short lived. Probably have to go with Mike's idea of Red Lobster. Everyone should at least remember to get a card!:)
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    Jersey Devil movie

    Creepy pic, but I'll wait for the book. Should start as a bunch of field herpers geocaching in their 4x4s looking for stone markers when they hear bigfoot near an artesian well. Choom, Choom, choom.
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    Pine snake dens

    If it were a den, and active, you'd should see tracks in the sand.
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    Bass River Bigfoot

    big foot Choom Choom Choom! :jd:
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    My first trip to the Pines 06/03/06

    Early on, before the real hot stuff comes, I find them under most debris but mostly shingle piles and other esthetically pleasing refuse left behind.