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    Jersey Devil-real or unreal?

    I think its real , there's over 1 million acres of wetlands and woods called the pine barrens that it lives in, plus theres been numerous sightings
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    I Need your opinion

    nope wasnt stoned thx for the comments thou and just to tell BEhr655 you oughta read wut stu sed
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    I Need your opinion

    The foot prints we followed were about 4-5 inches long about 3 inches wide and looked like this, well like the tracks looked like this thats y i think it walked or walks upright, wutever it was O...
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    I Need your opinion

    My friend(from pennsville) and I decided to explore these woods accross the street from my house , because i just moved with my parents and my bro. These woods arent too small either its gotta be at least 900+ acres which is rare above the canal in delaware(new castle county) I moved to bear...