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  1. Spung-Man

    Egg Harbor Township to decide whether to accept 525 acres of land

    I believe that wetland is called Maple Swamp along Maple Swamp Branch. I'd love to know the name of this spung there (at crosshairs)— TO: Jonathan Risley 8 Dec 1806 FROM: SURVEY AND MAP. 225.5 acres. Maple Swamp Branch...
  2. Spung-Man

    Townsend clay works Wheatland

    Vineland’s Augustus Seeman, the Commissioner of Immigration of the State of New Jersey, attempted to establish a German settlement at Wheatland Manufacturing. The works had had been idle for three years when it was leased, then bought, in 1883 to make all kinds of pottery. Seeman at the time was...
  3. Spung-Man

    Mark Demitroff Presents Great Egg Harbor Watershed: Lost Places — Upstream — Thursday, July 27, 2023 at 7:00PM

    It was nice to see some of you at Atlantic County Park. Here’s two upcoming talks— August 20, 2023, Sunday 1:00 PM, Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society “Soggy Ground — Valuing Vineland’s Historic Wetlands” (A natural and cultural history of local wetlands)...
  4. Spung-Man

    Introducing the new 3d Terrain Viewer

    Hi Boyd, Thank you again for all the wonderful improvements you continue to make through BoydsMaps! The highest raised land appears to be relict plateau, which is often underlain by gravel, ironstone, and/or dense soil such as fragipan. The pits seem to cultural artifacts, but they don't look...
  5. Spung-Man

    The Alligator

    Huh, Never heard of that creature... The next thing I like to do is visit Early Land Records, 1650-1900s and search "Alligator"— A resurvey from 1857 and another from 1858 popped up as candidates. Both look...
  6. Spung-Man

    The Alligator

    Bob, That name is intriguing. My go-to source for possible meanings is the Oxford English Dictionary. U.S. A tough frontiersman North American colloquial. A rough, lean hog alligator snapper n. = alligator snapping turtle n. A person who binds or ties something.
  7. Spung-Man


    Guy, Thanks for the dune post. Our story of paleodune dynamics has just been published in Aeolian Research. Ice-age dunes here are commonplace, yet seldom recognized. Their extant is important to the development of biologically diverse ecosystems and distinctive cultural landscapes in the...
  8. Spung-Man

    Goshen in Camden or Burlington?

    Another possibility is that two parallel channels could have once occupied the same Little Egg Harbor valley. We see this on Route 54 between Hammonton and Folsom, where Baileys Branch is an auxiliary channel to the Penny Pot Branch. The highway bridge sign—in error—designates Baileys Branch as...
  9. Spung-Man

    Goshen in Camden or Burlington?

    Smoke_Jumper, These old deeds are confounding, aren't they? I'm always amazed a Teegate's knack at stone finding. My guess is based on the Atsionk River being the same as the current Atsion River. However, this deed states that both branches are in Gloucester County. How can that be? Maybe the...
  10. Spung-Man

    Goshen in Camden or Burlington?

    Now, when I purchase deeds at the State Archives, they are posted for all to download. Here's the deed citing the cripples. I've attached a draft translation of the deed for those who have...
  11. Spung-Man

    Retta Heights, Longwood Gardens and Del Bay Estates

    Yes, those ditches were intended to drain “worthless” swampland into yet another marketable product rived out of barren land. First, in post contact exploits, the tract was lumbered for whitecedar and kilned in naval store production. Then this was coaling land for Cumberland Furnace, with a...
  12. Spung-Man

    Retta Heights, Longwood Gardens and Del Bay Estates

    Retta Heights, and I’m pretty sure Longwood Gardens too, are DeCarlo Tract lots. These were speculative-boondoggle subdivisions promising cheap land on lots too small and/or wet to build on by Christopher DeCarlo of Newark. Retta Heights was active during the 1960s when I’d walk through it along...
  13. Spung-Man

    Bog Iron burning in Budalen - Norway

    Fascinating, so roasting the ore would have been advantageous, yet I don't recall mention of a roasting step addressed in the various papers on ore raising here in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Is there a reference to roasting ore in South Jersey?
  14. Spung-Man

    Oil in the Pines

    I was almost five when the drilling occurred near Milmay, but the stories lingered through my youth of the exploits. Everyone thought they would become rich and the area at the time was impoverished. The father of my best friend clipped several articles on the topic. One from the Vineland Times...
  15. Spung-Man

    Bog Iron burning in Budalen - Norway

    That is a delightful account of what bog or meadow ore digging was probably like. I wonder if Pine Barrens furnaces used a similar process at their industrial-scale meadow ore grounds, or is this just a small-scale bloomery procedure?
  16. Spung-Man

    Goshen in Camden or Burlington?

    Is it possible that there was an even older, curvier alignment to an old Atsion Road, with a corresponding older tavern? That is apparently the case with Doughtys Tavern in Milmay and the Blue Bell Tavern above Downstown. A long time ago Budd Wilson was asked about the location of the original...
  17. Spung-Man

    Apple Pie Hill Tower Open Saturday

    ...err, Applepye Hill in 1759. TO: Tanton Earl; Thomas Earl, Jr. 19 Jun 1759 FROM: SURVEY AND MAP. 2 acres. Near Little Egg Harbor Road; south east of Applepye Hill; Burlington County. OTHERS NAME Daniel Ellis (Deputy Surveyor) (Signatory) LOCATIONS: West Jersey; Burlington; Applepye Hill...
  18. Spung-Man

    Goshen in Camden or Burlington?

    Mary-Ann Thompson of the Birches pointed out side channels at her bogs dug for the purpose of flood-water accommodation. These were overwhelmed by 2004 flood event that breached her dams.
  19. Spung-Man

    Flat spots in the valleys

    Oh my, channeling Robert & Dorothy's legacy is quite a feat. Assuredly, both remain milling about. Again, it would help if we knew the chronostratigraphy and morphoscopy of the sediments. Send me an email as the conversation is going beyond what is published.