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  1. korbelj1997

    Structure near maple island

    Oh wow must have missed that post , had no idea it was an illegal structure . Came across it in late summer 2021
  2. korbelj1997

    Structure near maple island

    Found this structure on maps a few years ago around maple island , and noticed there was a small chain link fence and what looks to be reminants of the structure. Any idea what this may have been? Old piney hangout? Hunting stand? Haven’t been there since but plan on going back soon..
  3. korbelj1997

    Winslow Area

    Looked like some really good vernals at one point
  4. korbelj1997

    Interesting cedar bridge

    Came across this little cedar bridge this past winter . This is in wharton outside of atco raceway along the mullica river. There almost appears to be a moat of some sort , also a large stand next to it that appeared to be a hunting blind potentially (did not get photos of).