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  1. Stamos

    Random Photos From The Pines.

    1. Marbled Orb Weaver 2. Clinging Snow 3. Lake Nescochague
  2. Stamos

    Col. Elijah Clark house

    I know Justin a 'lil bit. I'll see if I can persuade him to post some pics on here.
  3. Stamos

    Frosty Monday morning

    So happy the bald eagles are making a strong comeback in our area. Call me a nerd, but I still get excited every time I see one.
  4. Stamos

    Photo near my house in Shamong.

    Taken by me a few days ago on my way to work.
  5. Stamos


    Hear coyotes many times at the Batona sites. We too had them directly behind our tent. It certainly gets your attention!
  6. Stamos

    Downeast Maine

    We have a small turn of the century cabin about 30 miles outside of Calais. Sadly, we don't get to go up as often as we'd like. Hopefully next spring we will take a long weekend and make the 14hr drive up. We have no electricity, wifi signal, running water or formal bathroom facilities...
  7. Stamos

    Who else goes hiking with their dog?

    Beautiful dog! I will give that harness a try, thanks for the advice.
  8. Stamos

    Who else goes hiking with their dog?

    The prong collar use on Callie was required when we initially got Callie from her previous owners. They did zero obedience training with her. Callie pulled my girlfriend very abruptly whenever she was on leash. First we tried a harness, but that did nothing to thwart Callie from pulling my...
  9. Stamos

    Who else goes hiking with their dog?

    The prong collar is the only thing that will work on my girl (dog girl that is) to train her. She has such incredibly thick neck muscles that it's only irritating to her if I ever need to pull it. My dog is friendly to humans , but very alpha with other animals. As you can see in the photo...
  10. Stamos

    Who else goes hiking with their dog?

    Take my dog almost everywhere with me, especially the Pines. She's mostly on a leash, but if I'm remote I'll let her off. Her prey drive is really strong and that gets her in trouble sometimes.
  11. Stamos

    Bottle hunting reccomendations

    I'm sure it's happened before, but I cannot believe it's very commonplace. I respect everyone's point of view regardless.
  12. Stamos

    Bottle hunting reccomendations

    Really? How many estate sales have you been to lately or are you just trying to support your stance on the issue? You make valid points, but unfortunately they will fall on deaf ears as most replies within this ill-fated thread are against any form of taking bottles from the Pines unless it...
  13. Stamos

    Penn Branch Bike Trail

    I've ridden the entire trail system on my single speed and I can attest to it being very tight and twisty with very little to no elevation gain. It is mostly hard pack sand with lots of pedaling. It is marked very well, so getting lost shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Stamos

    Camping at Batona

    She constantly scans the woods!
  15. Stamos

    Camping at Batona

    The girlfriend and I decided to camp at the Batona site this past Saturday into Sunday. Aside from two other people on the other side of the campground we were alone. The weather was unseasonably warm (IMO) for mid-late November, but cooled off nicely at night. We hiked with the dog for a few...
  16. Stamos

    Bottle hunting reccomendations

    Thanks JeepWagoneer! My go to beach is at Corson's Inlet from the boat launch parking lot. The D-ville in is my "cool down" spot afterwards! I need to get my diving cert. apparently.
  17. Stamos

    How did you get your screen name?

    I am told I resemble a famous actor.
  18. Stamos

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    So without adequate manpower to properly patrol the Pines, the most obvious solution is to close it out to all, but foot traffic. Makes sense....(sarcasm).