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  1. GermanG

    Isolation 2020

    Don't be taken by that snake oil salesman! I get the real stuff from my good Doctor Smith down in Egg Harbor. He's even got a wading pool to cool yer heels in. ;)
  2. GermanG

    Parks, Forests, WMAs open only for passive recreation

    Wells Mills was crowded today, as it was the last few. Parking lot 3/4 full, and people walking the fields, trails, using picnic areas. Lots of HS and college aged kids too, which was nice to see. Sad it took this to bring them all out.
  3. GermanG

    Ticks? Anyone seen them recently? Cumberland Cty

    I found several on me a few weeks ago, with one embedded. I most likely picked them up in a grassy upland area very close to the salt marsh at a site in Atlantic County. I wasn't wearing treated clothing. I've gotten them big time in that habitat before and should have expected it, given the...
  4. GermanG

    History of NJ Cranberry industry?

    Good. Ole Gervis Pharo would be rolling in his garvey, errrrr.... grave! ;)
  5. GermanG

    Old Tuckerton Dump

    The Blue Trail, starting at Freedom Fields County Park, will take you right through the old dump. It will be obvious when you are there. It is the group of parallel curved lines on the last map Boyd posted.
  6. GermanG

    Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show

    Yeah, the show’s definitely gone PC. So PC, in fact, that the NRA was invited as an exhibitor this year, after a long absence. They surely must be trying to take the “gun” out of the show. Or perhaps it’s something else. Gunning is a common term for hunting in South Jersey, but little-used...
  7. GermanG

    Last Doolittle Raider

    I was just reading a Time magazine that's been sitting in the junk mail pile for a few days and came across a short article noting the passing on April 9 of Richard E. Cole, age 103, co-pilot of Jimmy Doolittle and last surviving member of the raid. What is tragic isn't the unsurprising passing...
  8. GermanG

    Not Your Pickerel Pines

    Here's the latest DEP advisories on eating wild-caught fish. I attempted to link to the specific page on Pinelands waters (page 11) but it didn't work, so you have to navigate it a bit. I do a bit of flyfishing up north for trout, enjoying...
  9. GermanG

    The new, improved

    What Bob said is sadly true. And this is a known and very heavily used party spot, a mere walking distance from large residential areas of Berkeley and Lacey Twps. Projects like these always involve some degree of compromise and the rail trail project as a whole was intended to be less about its...
  10. GermanG

    1st of the season

    Uh Oh, better get Maaco!!!!!!!!!
  11. GermanG

    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Consulting foresters do all types of work. I can't speak for what percentage of his business involves this type of project but I know he's been involved in several of this type, most notably on land owned by the Pine Island Cranberry Co. (Haines family). I've seen what was done there...
  12. GermanG


    What's to understand? Sure, it's overpriced, gets bad gas mileage, has a harsh ride, has a poor reliability record, rides on the coattails of the CJ's image and popularity and is a Chrysler product to boot, but other than those small details, it's a great vehicle.
  13. GermanG

    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Wouldn't exactly be my description either. It can destroy human development. It can destroy stands being grown for harvest. But if fire destroys pine barrens, it would have all been gone by now.
  14. GermanG

    Stump grinding

    I operated a tree service for a few years after working for another before that. Stump grinding is usually priced per inch of stump diameter, measured at the widest part, and the grinding generally extends a few inches past the visible stump, more if large surface roots need to be chased. It's...
  15. GermanG

    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Firebreaks are effective for a variety of reasons but they can't solve the problem alone, nor were they ever claimed to. They work much more effectively if the forest upwind of them is not a tinderbox. And fire breaks are not solely barriers to approaching fire. They are also are used as a safe...
  16. GermanG

    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    The problem with doing nothing is that many are under the mistaken belief that this is letting nature take its course. It unfortunately is not. We've interfered with the natural landscape to such a degree, and for so long, that what is natural is hardly known anymore. Those who think we should...
  17. GermanG

    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Now, now, is the difference between thinning and clear-cutting really that hard to understand? ;) And you are right Bob, in that thinning or other types of harvesting isn't the answer on every stand, nor did I claim it was. I was recently privy to a management plan put together by a consulting...
  18. GermanG

    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    While forest management has its intricacies, most of what's discussed in the article isn't rocket science. If there is less fuel in the forest, there will be less chance of severe fires and those that do occur will be easier to contain. It can't be any simpler than that. There are only two ways...
  19. GermanG

    Bass River Fire Tower proposal

    Bob, stances taken after long consideration are usually the most rational ones. I always wince when the term "destruction" is used for tree removal or forest clearing. Nobody does that when a cornfield is harvested. It is only truly destruction when it is followed by development, which you...