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  1. rjb

    Deer eat birds

    I was surprised to hear white-tailed deer eat birds, particularly fledglings and ground nesting birds. Has anyone ever observed this?
  2. rjb

    Beachwood fire in progress?

    Lots of smoke south of exit 80. My wife reports the Intermediate School in Beachwood is being evacuated. Many fire trucks from outside Beachwood have headed south. Anyone know more about this?
  3. rjb

    Hawk attacks eagle in nest and becomes dinner

    Not in Pines but in Hillborough NJ an eaglecam caught a hawk diving into an eagle's nest with the eagle sitting on it. The end result was that the eagle didn't have to search for its next meal...
  4. rjb

    Ocean City NJ today

  5. rjb

    Pine Barrens in for late season hurricane or big northeaster?

    Several projections have it coming up the Delmarva peninsula, into central New Jersey, NYC, and some into New England, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.!/photo.php?fbid=462918223751769&set=a.175078442535750.35884.155048074538787&type=1&theater
  6. rjb

    Looks like we are in for more flooding

    Check out this presentation. It also states we may be adversely affected by Hurricane Katia in addition to the new rains coming our way starting tonight courtesy of Tropical Storm Lee. All of this by next weekend.
  7. rjb

    Large turkey flock along Garden State Parkway

    Technically not the pine barrens but close to Allaire Park there was a large flock of turkeys around mile marker 95 around noon today. I think I read hunting season is now in progress so maybe they figured it was safe there. Anyway our turkey population seems to be doing ok. The last time I saw...
  8. rjb

    Fire in Bass River

    A fire broke out in or near Bass River State Park, forcing an evacuation from there. It is in a swampy area making it difficult for firefighters approach. The park office may be in jeopardy. Garden State Parkway traffic in the area is expected to be directly affected later today by smoke...
  9. rjb

    Jakes Branch Park-Beachwood NJ

    Taken earlier today, 730 am, at Jakes Branch Park. Left appears to be a male bluebird and the right photo seems to be a female ring necked pheasant. Taken with 300 mm zoom lens. I thought the bluebird was a bluejay at first until I got home and downloaded the photo.
  10. rjb

    ATV users and trespassers to be arrested in Barnegat

    Barnegat police announced ATV riders without written permission from owners will be arrested as well as other trespassers. This is their response to recent fires in the area.
  11. rjb

    Forest fire in Barnegat

    Anyone have any first hand information about this fire. They seem to be having difficulty containing it because of swamp land causing problems for bulldozers.